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It’s mailbag time

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Jun 30, 2007 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

I have been a total slacker when it comes to doing a mailbag. Sorry about that. So here we go. …


Sinister writes: With the Reds looking more and more like sellers, they have a few people who interest me. Of course Ken Griffey, my favorite player, I’d really like to see him here but I doubt it happens.

Answer: I doubt it, too. The Yankees don’t need an outfielder or DH at this point.


Jami writes: What’s the future for the Yanks at 1B? Anyone to sign or trade for before July 31

Answer: That will be the big question over the next four weeks. The Yankees have the young pitchers to pursue a player like Mark Teixeira. But Brian Cashman has said he’s holding on to them. That suggests the Yankees will get a second-tier player.


Margie writes: I had a question about the Derek Jeter/A-Rod relationship. A lot was made of their turbulent relationship during spring training, but it hasn’t come up much during the season. Is this because they seem to have a better relationship this season than previous seasons, or just not something the media is concerning themselves with?

Answer: I think once Alex addressed the situation, it sort of went away. I never thought their relationship was that bad to begin with.


Joe writes: I’ve been searching for some injury information on Jason Giambi, like updates or any information on when he might return or how his injury is coming. I remember he went on the 15-day DL on the last day of May, and was supposed to be out at least 3-4 weeks and see a doctor to be evaluated in like 3 weeks. Has there been any news on how Giambi is progressing, and when he might be back?

Answer: I had an update from Brian Cashman in the paper the other day. Giambi was examined last week and is still in a protective boot. He is at least three weeks away from playing, if not longer. If he did not play again this season, it would not surprise me.


Chris writes: How can you explain the Yankees lack of aggressiveness on the base paths? I understand they do not have a copious amount of speed, but even A-Rod and Jeter have been dormant.

Answer: The Yanks ran more last year when Sheffield and Matsui were hurt. They have gotten away from that this season and it has been to their detriment.


Natty writes: It seems like teams have been absolutely running all over us lately, what are your thoughts on this? Who are to blame; the pitchers, the catchers? Is anybody else worried about this?

Answer: As a group, the Yankee starters are slow to the plate and do a poor job of holding runners, so don’t blame Jorge Posada. I’d blame the coaches for not stressing it enough.


Jennifer writes: Okay this is getting a little ridiculous. Jorge never gets a full day off! The guy is going to be burnt out by the All-Star break. Is there anyone out there who can replace Wil Nieves? He might be a nice guy, but we need to win and that just won’t cut it.

Answer: There is nobody in the organization worthy of trying. Is it worth trading a prospect for a catcher considering how bad the team is? Maybe not.


Sean writes: Since 1979 a locker has been kept empty in Yankee stadium for Thurman Munson. Do they plan on continuing that tradition once the new stadium is built?

Answer: I checked with clubhouse manager Rob Cuccuzza who said as far as he is concerned, there will be an empty locker with a No. 15 over it. Certain things should not change.


Nicole writes: Farnsworth, seriously, the guy scares the beejesus out of me. If his arm is so good, why can’t it find the strike zone? He wears glasses so I know he can see it. He brings about the same kind of stomach-churning acid attack that Felix “The Run Fairy” Heredia did when he was an unfortunate staple in the NYY bullpen. Hated it! Kyle is like a new Stephen King novel. You know it’s going to be scary, but not how. That’s my mailbag rant.

Answer: Not much I can add to that.


Katherine writes: I was able to catch a spring training game in Fort Myers against the Red Sox. Chris Basak was playing that day and I really enjoyed what he was able to do at third base. Is there any future for him in the Major Leagues?

Answer: It’s hard to tell, Katherine, because he hasn’t played much. If he gets a chance, I would think it would have to be with a different team.


Jim from Pennsylvania writes: With the trade deadline looming, can we expect any moves to bolster the pen, and how much are we willing to give up?

Answer: The Yankees need a first baseman, a backup catcher and bullpen help. Brian Cashman is on record as not being willing to give up any of his top prospects. Plus, is it worth boosting a team under .500?


Huuz writes: I have been wondering for some time about how much it would to take to get Johan Santana from the Twins in a trade. I realize this is a pie-in-the-sky type thing, but this is the type of pitching that built the Yankees of the late 90s, and the type that has been missing for the past few years.

Answer: Pie in the sky? That’s a whole bakery. Santana won’t be a free agent until after the 2008 season. The Twins will be building their new stadium by then and could have the money to retain Santana. As for a trade, start with Chien-Ming Wang and either Joba Chamberlain or Ian Kennedy. Even that may not be enough.


Chapy writes: You prove you know nothing about baseball with your critcism of Josh Phelps. If you look at the stats, he’s at least an average first baseman.

Answer: What is it with the statheads and Josh Phelps? These people latch their wagons to guys like Phelps and Farnsworth and apparently never watch the actual games. Phelps handles the ball like it’s on fire. Somebody else e-mailed me about Phelps and I relayed what Don Mattingly said about him. They wrote back telling me Mattingly was wrong. This is what it has come to, people think they know more about first base defense than Don Mattingly.


Aryeh writes: I have a question about the Yankee draft pick Pat Venditte, who pitches with both arms. When a switch hitter comes to bat, what happens?

Answer: According to the rules, a pitcher cannot change arms during an at-bat. A batter, however, can change sides of the plate. Wait, checked it out. The batter has to stick with one side as well. My bad.


Eric writes: I wonder what it’s like covering a game in the press box. What do you guys do all game, besides write stories?

Answer: It’s mostly write stories. For a night game, most of us have to file at least one story before the game, then a story as soon as the game ends. Then we write those two stories again, this time with quotes obtained after the game. So over the course of the night, you’re usually writing four stories for different editions of the paper. I spend time e-mailing agents or researching different angles for stories. Plus you have to watch the game intently. I try and chart every pitch, velocity, location and type.


Thanks for all the questions. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time. Thanks for reading the blog.




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