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Boras is not to blame, A-Rod is

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Nov 04, 2007 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

There have been several thousand posts here in the last week and half them are from people who want the head of Scott Boras on a stake. Columnists from across the country and ripping him as well.

It’s misguided anger.

There are dozens of agents available to a baseball player. When a player selects Boras, it is because he wants to maximize the amount of money he can make in his career.

Boras is great at what he does and gets his clients huge contracts. The downside is that he will generate ill will. Fans will become angry with you because of what your agent does and says. The media will criticize you. But in the end, you will probably be wealthier than a player with similar talent but a different agent.

Boras doesn’t work for the fans, the game, the team or the owner. He works for the player. The player decides what he wants and instructs Boras to get it done.

If Alex Rodriguez wanted to stay with the Yankees, it would have been simple. He could have called Boras and said, “Scott, I appreciate your advice. Now call Cashman and make the best deal you can for me.”

He didn’t.

Ron Villone is a Boras client. We were talking about it a few months ago and he told me that on several occasions during his career, Boras wanted him to sign with a certain team and he didn’t. “At some point you have to do what is best for you and your family,” Villone said. “You’re a man, you make your own decision.”

Villone is divorced and has two children who live in New Jersey with his ex wife. He made a deal to stay with the Yankees this season and turned down better offers because he wanted to be close to home. He even started the season in the minors.

Boras didn’t scream at him, he made the deal that Villone wanted.

Some people want to believe Boras has some sort of hypnotic hold on his clients and the poor player is a somehow a pawn. But these are adults. If A-Rod is capable of living to the age of 32, getting married and having a child, he is capable of telling his agent what he wants.

In the two seasons I have been around the Yankees, only one player has talked about his salary time after time after time. About how being the highest paid player is “pretty cool”, about the pressure of being the highest paid player and about the responsibility of being the highest paid player.

One guess who that is.

Scott Boras wasn’t above him manipulating any strings. If you want to be angry about Alex Rodriguez turning his back on the Yankees, be angry at Alex Rodriguez.

Blame Boras? That’s just what they want you to do.




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