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No news out of Nashville

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No update in Nashville, although it’s now Tuesday and Hank Steinbrenner’s deadline has come and gone.

The Twins have pushed for Ian Kennedy as the third man in and were turned down. The Red Sox seem content only to hang around to make sure the Yankees pay a hefty price. If there is a third team (the Mariners? the Angels?) they haven’t made themselves known.

Minnesota could pull the plug and try to win in 2008 with Santana and Francisco Liriano at the top of their rotation. Are Melky Cabrera and Phil Hughes enough for a player like Santana?

If the trade was Cabrera, Hughes and Alberto Gonzalez, the Yankees win. It’s that simple. If it’s Cabrera, Hughes and Kennedy, the Twins win.

This feels like election night and we’re waiting for that final precinct.