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Somewhere in this ridiculous hotel, Theo Epstein must be laughing hysterically

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If Boston gets Johan Santana for Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, Justin Masterson and Jed Lowrie, that is a steal.

Keep in mind that Crisp is owed $10 million (serious money for the tightwad Twins) and isn’t all that good. Lester is a solid No. 3 starter perhaps but does not have near the upside of Phil Hughes. Masterson is a big guy who had only 115 strikeouts in 153 minor-league innings last season. Lowrie is a 6-foot infielder who just hit .163 in the Arizona Fall League but is considered a good prospect.

Boston has no use for Crisp whatsoever and little use for Lowrie. Lester is a loss but Clay Buchholz is better.

Until we learn who the third player is the Twins wanted from the Yankees, it’s impossible to evaluate whether Brian Cashman should have made a move.

But remember this: Cashman was ripped in many quarters when the Red Sox landed Eric Gagne in July and he did nothing. How did that work out? Santana is terrific but none of this stuff is automatic.