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Live blogging the Mitchell press conference

1:59: It starts a minute early. Mitchell is thanking those who helped him.

2:02: I’ve seen some of the report. Clemens, Pettitte, Ron Villone, Mike Stanton and Rondell White are among those implicated by Kirk Radomski.

2:04: No MLB logos on the backdrop this time. Mitchell is saying a lot of players used steroids. Thanks, Columbo.

2:06: The report is here:

2:09: Mitchell is saying Radomski provided “substantial information.” This is a former clubbie who now runs a car wash and was testifying to get a lesser prison sentence. The players will deny, deny, deny on this.

2:10: Brian McNamee ratted out Clemens and Pettitte. I wonder what the Rocket will tell those four sons of his?

2:16: The report says Andy Petttitte used HGH when he had his elbow problem during his first stint with the Yankees. Clemens was using steroids, repeatedly.

2:18: Chuck Knoblauch was implicated through McNamee. … Mitchell is now saying that Selig should not discipline any player implicated. What does that tell you?

2:20: Mitchell says he found no evidence of drug use from within the last two years.

2:21: In looking at the report quickly, it seems that the bulk of the names are tied to Radomski for HGH.

2:24: Miguel Tejada was a Radomski client. Nice timing on that trade.

2:27: Paul Lo Duca, come on down! You’re on the report. Mitchell is droning on. Steroids are bad, look to the future, yada, yada, yada. He’s now inviting some professor to speak.

2:29: Based on a quick review, the Yankees didn’t fare that badly. Clemens was a steroids guy starting in Toronto. Pettitte took HGH in 2002 and Chuck Knoblauch was implicated. Other than Pettitte and Giambi, I can’t find any current Yankees.

2:35: I’m reading through the report. Other than Radomski, there is not much there. There are a lot of canceled checks. I’m sure these guys were buying drugs. But players give clubbies checks all the time.

Selig is getting off easy in this press conference.

2:44: You can get the report on our site: here.

2:49: The press conference is coming to a close soon.

2:51: The press conference is over.

2:53: The highlights:

Mitchell says the players shouldn’t be punished … Clemens used the juice in Toronto with Jose Canseco … Pettitte used HGH to rehab his elbow in 2002. … The only notable current players named are Pettitte and Tejada and that’s for HGH use several years ago.

The MLBPA will savage this report. Savage it.



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