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Pinch hitting: The Yankees Chick

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Jan 04, 2008 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

maureen_1.jpgIt’s a slow month for baseball news. But fear not, we’ve lined up a series of guest bloggers to entertain you. Leading off is Maureen from

The Chick has been blogging for over two years now. She’s passionate about the Yankees and baseball as a whole and loves nothing more than ranting and raving about the team and then hearing what other people have to say about said opinions. That’s generally a hearty mix of, “Right on, Chick!” and of course a big dose of, “Yer a moron, go Saaaawx!”

Here’s her post:

Hello lovely Peter Abraham friends (or perhaps a few foes, everyone is welcome)! I imagine that as diehard Yanks fans like myself – which I assume y’all are, since you’re here – the shortage of baseball news lately has been difficult to cope with and has perhaps thrown a wrench in your usual workday plan of reading baseball websites for about 4 of the 8 hours (or is that just me?).

The Yankees in particular have been very quiet on the news front; since re-signing A-Rod, Posada, Abreu, Mo, and Pettitte they haven’t done a whole lot about which to write and/or read. It is during the lean times like the these that we must keep in mind the fact that there are 29 other teams in the league, each of them with a roster full of players and news for us to peruse!

Throughout the second half of the 2007 season, I provided an (approximately) weekly overview of the goings-on of the aforementioned other 29 teams over on my blog, which I called the “Rest Of The League Round-Up”.

The idea behind those round-ups was to provide a concise update on what was going on in the non-Yanks world, team by team, and just for some added fun (and, truthfully, because for some of these teams [Nationals, anyone?] there simply wasn’t always all that much to say) I implemented a self-imposed limit of 10 words per team. If you’d like to check out the 2007 round=ups, you can read them here, but for now, let’s rock and roll with a special Off-Season Rest Of The League Round-Up!

Once again, I see two teams that have a chance and three that don’t. Que triste, Torobaltibay…

Boston: Want Santana just to prevent Yanks acquiring. Pitching still scary.
Toronto: Virtually un-changed roster. Good luck keeping the DL under 2,809,123,098 players.
Baltimore: You haven’t had winning season since 1997. Keep the dream alive!
Tampa Bay: Maybe taking “Devil” out of name will help you. Nice try.

Two of you knocked the Yanks out in the last two years. Go to hell, AL Central.

Cleveland: You should’ve beat BoSox. Pitching too good.
Detroit: If beefed-up offense stays healthy, look out Cleveland.
Minnesota: In driver’s seat with Santana, but be smart: deal him.
Chicago: Ozzie Guillen will be the death of you… again.
Kansas City: Would love to see you succeed. Good farm, so someday?

You know rat-ville is coming out on top here, folks

Los Angeles: Hunter signing VERY wise. Extra “i” brings good luck.
Seattle: Current and former players going Clemens route after steroids scandal.
Oakland: Dear Billy Beane. Wise change in stance.
Texas: Otsuka recommended Padres as destination for Japanese players. Texas displeased.

Competition here in 2008!

Philadelphia: Crushing Mets = high spirits. Sidenote: Anna Benson comes with Kris.
New York: Signing veterans like you’re the old Yankees. PS: Get Santana.
Atlanta: If Mets blow it again, maybe you have chance again.
Washington: Got some good youngsters to watch! Maybe people will care.
Florida: Payroll now just under 150 bucks.

Too many teams, too little time.

Chicago: Weren’t you trying to sell the team? What happened?
Milwaukee: I wonder if these people will hope again in 2008.
St. Louis: STILL don’t get how you won in 2006.
Houston: Berkman outspoken about trades but probs won’t be traded himself.
Cincinnati: headline: “Reds head to 2008 with clear intentions.” Obviously.
Pittsburgh: Will spend year trying to erase memory of Bonds.

Used to be “forgotten division”… now home to tight race!

Arizona: Yup, it was totally the less-hideous uniforms
San Diego: I still maintain: Who needs offense with this pitching!
Colorado: Congrats on pennant. Unsure what you’ll do in 2008 though.
Los Angeles: Good boy, Torre. Keep quiet and stay loyal to your lads.
San Francisco: No chance.




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