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Why don’t the Yankees do this?

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This blog has been around for nearly two years now and what has surprised me most is how knowledgeable Yankee fans are about prospects.

Back in the day, before Baseball America and the whiz-bang interweb, prospects just suddenly showed up. There were rumors and sightings from people who actually went to minor-league games but that was it.

Now we have a generation of fans who not only know who Alan Horne is, they wonder whether he would be better off starting every five days for Scranton or pitching in relief in the majors. Any day now there should be a blog dedicated to the progress of Carmen Angelini.

The Yankees have a dozen stars and a $200 million payroll but many fans (and even some of us in the media) care about the kids.

So it was with great interest when I read this story in the Boston Globe today. [2] The Red Sox have their top prospects report to Boston for a winter program. The program includes an autograph session with fans this afternoon at Fenway Park.

Fans make a $20 donation to charity and can get whatever they want signed by Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie and other top kids in their system.

Why don’t the Yankees do this? In a market like New York, it would be a great experience for the young players to get a feel for the city, the media and the fans for a few days.

I know this much: If the Yankees had Horne, Jose Tabata and Ian Kennedy signing autographs at the Stadium today, there would be people waiting.