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Pinch hitting: iYankees Blog

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Jan 24, 2008 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

lohud-pic.jpgThe guest blogger program rolls on today with Chris from iYankees Blog.

A blogger for four months, Chris is a New Jersey native who now lives in Seattle where he’s studying for his MA at the University of Washington. His favorite Yankee is Hideki Matsui and his favorite future Yankee is Mark Teixeira.

Here’s his post:

The Jim Leyritz situation, as you all know, is a troubling one indeed. A woman is dead, a man’s life is forever altered, dozens of lives are ultimately ruined in the process and thousands of fans are left scratching their heads. What’s next?

Yankee fans are experiencing a tremendous amount of hardships lately. This goes beyond Joba’s bugged-out relief appearance or the lack of an A-Rod home run at a crucial point in time. This even goes beyond a recent string of sports success had by our always hated and now arrogant New England rivals.

Nope, this is a lot more than that.

Our infallible idols (see Andy Pettitte or Roger Clemens) are suddenly reduced to actual human beings. Events that we’ve cherished and memorable moments that we’ve replayed thousands of times in our heads, as we attempt to experience those euphoric feelings just one more time, are suddenly being called into question.

External factors like steroids and alcohol have quickly disfigured some of our favorite aspects of Yankee history. It’s hard to think about Mark Wohlers hanging a slider to Leyritz without automatically drawing an implicit connection to Leyrtiz’s mugshot.

It’s simply not the same anymore.

I’d like to say that it’s just a snapshot in time. It’s not Leyritz we love, but it’s the action that he produced and the subsequent impact of that action that we will forever remember. To a certain extent, that’s true. However, you can’t really separate the two anymore. It was a Yankee moment, by Leyritz, and therefore, they’ll always be connected.

So, like I said before, what’s next? Although we fail to draw an immediate connection, what’s next (I hope ESPN doesn’t sue me) is Hughes, Joba, Melky, Kennedy, Cano, and the list goes on. Just ask yourself why you like these kids without seeing them play all that much? Ultimately, it’s because you dream about heroics that have yet to come, whether it be this season or the next.

The old Yankee memories (heroes included) are fading fast, not because we want them to, but because they’ve outgrown their own mythical proportions. Reality has set in.

Now, we’re waiting for new moments to be created by new faces and in new contexts. That’s what we want. We want to see Cano to hit a home run that ends a playoff against Boston (We’ve given up on A-Rod). We want to see Melky rob a pivotal homer during the World Series. We want to see Ian Kennedy surpass expectations and pitch a gem that Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain could only dream of.

That’s how we deal with the dreadful kinks in the great chains of Yankee history. That why we like these young kids as they provide us with something new and tangible. They give us something to hope for, especially during these strange Yankee days. It’s genuinely real, and we know that it’s there, waiting for us.

So, go ahead and check Phil Hughes’ blog for the third time today.

It really is okay to dream about the future.




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