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Posada takes on Pena

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120370_90×135.jpg [2]You want baseball? Here’s some baseball:

First base coach/catching instructor Tony Pena was at it again today. This time he had the catchers set in in a corner of the bullpen. Using a fungo bat, Pena would hit them one-hoppers to simulate wild pitches.

The catcher had to field the ball then quickly toss it aside before Pena would hit another ball at them. Basically, it was human target practice.

Jorge Posada, who has a great relationship with Pena, jumped in and challenged him to try and get one past him. Pena hit a sharp one-hopper that Posada caught with his bare hand and threw back at Pena.

Pena caught the ball and crushed a line drive at Posada, who wisely jumped out of the way.

As the drill broke up, I told Pena he was crazy.

“You just figuring that out now?” he said.