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It’s Groundhog Day in Florida

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So, what is covering sping training like? Glad you asked.

Spring training is like being sent to live on a remote island in the Pacific with baseball fields, chain restaurants and strip clubs.

On any given day, I have no idea what day it is. None whatsoever. I tried calling my sister at work one day and wondered why she didn’t pick up until I realized it was Sunday.

Other than CNN in the morning, I have not watched any television since I got here. I listen to music constantly, however. Fake It by Seether is my new favorite song.

I’m loving XM Radio to the point of wanting to get it when I get back home. The POTUS station is great, even if the hosts are a little low-rent. I enjoy hearing the speeches.

(I’m not much for politics, but I love presidential races. Reminds me of sports. I even read the blog by John McCain’s daughter [2].)

The first few weeks of spring training are all about routine. Get up at 7, go to the park, go to the clubhouse, back to the press box, down to the fields, get some lunch, interview Girardi, write your stories, get some dinner, go to sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Along the way, you make a lot of phone calls and send text messages to agents, execs, family members, friends, etc. It’s a lot more interesting when the games start.

The good thing is that the guys on the beat are fun to hang out with. We’d cut each other’s throat for a story, but we’re friendly about it. I’ve been on beats when you wonder if a fight is going to break out half the time. There were a few years on UConn where it was the Bloods vs. the Crips.

There is a lot of busting chops. And after a few days with the players, you start swearing like Chris Rock on HBO. I spent the winter babysitting my niece and playing trains with my nephew and went weeks without cursing. Now I’m like, “Pass the bleeping mustard.”

All in all, it’s a lot of work with no time off but generally fun. The weather is good and the players are generally tolerant of us. Some of them are downright friendly. Joe Girardi has been a prince. It’s all good.

We’re all on the island and nobody is getting off until March 30. Might as well have fun.