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Intrasquad game underway in Tampa

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Melky Cabrera facing Mike Mussina in the top of the first inning. It’s 54 degrees here in Tampa. Check this post for updates.

Struck him out looking on 3 pitches. The Moose is tremendous!

Jeter slaps the first pitch into right for a single. Take that, UPenn geeks!

Cano up now. Single up the middle. Gardner overruns the ball and Jeter goes to third.

Posada grounds up the first base line and is tagged out by Moose as Jeter scores. 1-0 Geese.

Shelley Duncan flies to left to end the inning.

One run (unearned) on two hits and one error. 1-0 Geese middle of the first.

Damon grounds to first, Molina flies to right (nice running catch in the gap by Tabata) and Abreu pops to second base. Karstens looked sharp.

No runs, no hits. 1-0 Geese end of the first.

Morgan Ensberg singles up the middle on an 0-2 pitch.

Wilson Betemit walks. Moose’s Intrasquad WHIP is horrible.

Jason Lane pops to right. One out.

Jose Tabata hit a room-service double-play grounder to short that took a bad hop over Jeter’s head. Ensberg scores, 2-0 Geese.

Melky Cabrera 4-6-3 to end the inning.

One run on two hits and one left on. Middle of the second, 2-0 Geese.

Mike Mussina’s line: 2 4 2 1 1 1 30 pitches/23 strikes.

(that’s innings, hits, runs, unearned runs, walks, strikeouts)

A-Rod pops to first base. He is being pelted by garbage by the jeering crowd.

(just kidding)

Giambi flies to center. Karstens is dealing.

Ransom singles to left, ending Karsten’s perfect outing.

Nick Green lines to second.

No runs on one hit, one left. We’ve played two in Tampa and it’s 2-0 Geese.

Darrell Rasner replaces Moose on the mound.

Line for Karstens: 2 1 0 0 0 0 20/13

Jeter strikes out swinging. Geeks celebrate.

Cano strikes out looking. Rasner is the man.

Posada now up.

This live blog is sponsored by Lowe’s. Let’s build something together!

Posada reaches on an error by Justin Christian, the new left fielder.

Coming up later here on YES, the Buddy Groom Story.

Shelley Duncan grounds slowly to short. Chris Woodward throws it away, allowing Posada to go to third. Shelley gets a hit, however.

Morgan Ensberg flies to center, ending the inning.

No runs, no hits, two errors (!). Middle of the third, 2-0 Geese. Back after this.

Scott Pattterson now pitching. Massive changes for the Geese. Austin Jackson, Alberto Gonzalez, Bernie Castro and Francisco Cervelli now playing.

Chris Woodward singles to center.

I’m joined here on the live blog by Mike Vaccaro of the Post.

Brett Gardner grounds into a force, 4-6.

“So Mike, what do you think of the Yankees?”

“I’m split,” he says, always a comedian.

“What your take on Scott Patterson, Mike?”

“You’d have to assume I’m paying attention. I’m too busy reading LoHud.com.”

Justin Christian now up. 6-3 double play. The ball hit Patterson on the foot on the way by but he seems to be OK. Nice play by the Attorney General.

No runs on one hit and no errors. We’ve played three here in Tampa and it remains 2-0 Geese. Thanks to Mike Vaccaro for joining us here on the blog.

“My pleasure, Pete.”

Dan McCutchen now pitching for the Gators. All the front-line players are out of the game.

Betemit grounds to second. There’s actually a decent crowd here on a cold day, probably 1,000 people or so.

Jason Lane walks. Jose Tabata hammers the next pitch to left for a base hit.

Austin Jackson up.

McCutchen’s fans Jackson with a wicked curveball.

The clubhouse is open, I have to run. Fun’s over. Back later with some notes and quotes.