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Melky gets a modest raise

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The Yankees gave Melky Cabrera $461,200 for this season. He made $432,400 last season. There is some sort of in-house formula that determined his $28,800 raise. The 25-man payroll is at approximately $203 million with a few slots to fill.

Players with less than three years of service time are renewed at a figure determined by the team. There are no negotiations to speak of.


Lots of bad karma this week for the Red Sox.

The Beantowners visited the White House on Wednesday before taking a side trip to visit wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Manny Ramirez and Julian Tavarez blew off the visit. Classy move there.

Then on Thursday the Sox played a doubleheader against Boston College and Northeastern. They beat the college teams by a combined score of 39-0 and drew 27 walks. Imagine if the kids weren’t from Boston.