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A low tolerance for losing

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capta8ee04be0a9746a9933b5405ff4a35e6yankees_reds_spring_baseball_flgp114.jpg [2]The Yankees have lost two games this spring. One thing I’ve noticed both times: Joe Girardi was visibly annoyed.

He didn’t tip over any tables or call anybody out. But Girardi clearly has a low tolerance for pitchers who don’t throw strikes. Just ask Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy, who were called into a meeting and delivered that message. He also doesn’t seem to carry around the Book of Handy Excuses many managers have.

It’s obvious that the Yankees are intent on avoiding the slow starts they have had to overcome in recent years. That makes a lot of sense. But the baseball season also starts in February and ends in October. There’s a fine line between driving your team hard and driving them too hard.

The Yankees needed the kick in the pants Girardi has given them. But there will be times when a pat on the back is needed. It will be interesting to see how well he negotiates that tricky terrain. It’s probably what will determine whether he is a success with the Yankees.