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Game 1: Blue Jays at Yankees

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18 Johnny Damon LF
2 Derek Jeter SS
53 Bobby Abreu RF
13 Alex Rodriguez 3B
25 Jason Giambi 1B
24 Robinson Cano 2B
20 Jorge Posada C
55 Hideki Matsui LF
28 Melky Cabrera CF
40 Chien-Ming Wang RHP

11 David Eckstein SS
4 Shannon Stewart LF
15 Alex Rios RF
10 Vernon Wells CF
35 Frank Thomas DH
17 Lyle Overbay 1B
2 Aaron Hill 2B
19 Marco Scutaro 3B
9 Gregg Zaun C
32 Roy Halladay RHP

Yankees vs. Halladay: Damon 22-67, Jeter 16-62, Abreu 2-12, A-Rod 13-47, Giambi 17-54, Cano 5-13, Posada 12-37, Matsui 7-34, Cabrera 4-15.

Jays vs. Wang: Eckstein 0-2, Stewart 1-6, Rios 3-15, Wells 6-16, Thomas 1-11, Overbay 4-8, Hill 9-14, Scutaro 1-4, Zaun 2-12.

Now that we’re in the regular season, once I post the lineup I’ll post any updates under it. So everything will be in the same place. This is what we did last year and it seemed to work out well.

UPDATE, 12:28 p.m.: * * * THE YANKEES HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED THAT THE START OF THE GAME HAS BEEN DELAYED * * * The weather is supposed to improve enough to play at some point this afternoon.

UPDATE, 12:50 p.m.: The lovely Yankees Chick [2] is live blogging the game for AOL’s FanHouse blog today [3]. So check out the wit and wisdom of Maureen if I get too boring for you.

UPDATE, 1:14 p.m.: The clubhouses are closed, so all we can do it wait at this point. The Yankees seem to believe they’ll get the game in this afternoon. The weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything definitive.

UPDATE, 2:17 p.m.: Nothing definitive yet. But it sounds like they’re planning to cancel the game and play it tomorrow night. I’ll let you know once I hear something.