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Replay comes on line for Yankees tonight

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Instant replay starts today for the Yankees. Here is how it works:

If there’s a disputed call on a home run or fan interference (they have termed those “boundary calls”), the crew chief can decide to watch a replay.

Every park has a spot under the stands that holds a locked box. Inside the box are a television and a phone. The crew chief would call MLB’s office in Manhattan, a technician with MLB Advanced Media would show him the replay and a decision would be made. It’s supposed to take 2-3 minutes.

Now here’s where it gets tricky:

There is no red challenge flag like in the NFL. It basically comes down to whether a manager can convince the umpires to watch the replay. There is no limit on replays, either. Once a decision is reached, any further arguing would result in immediate ejection.

Not every team is televised the same way. Those teams that have their own networks (the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Orioles, Cubs, etc.) have more cameras, more angles, etc. MLB has made it clear that all replays must be provided, or serious discipline would follow.

Let’s say the Yankees are playing the Red Sox, feeds from YES and NESN would be watched to find the best angle. No, they would not her what Al Leiter thinks.

Incredibly, there are still 20-30 games a year in some small markets that are not televised. MLB will send at least six cameras and its own production truck to those games.

Two things:

1. There will be an issue at some game and it’ll probably involve the Yankees. Just wait. Rats will chew a cable or something. Maybe Hank will flick a cigarette into the box. Something is bound to happen.

2. Every time there’s a close call at a base in a big game, people will call for the expansion of replay. Bud Selig has said boundary calls will be the extent of it. But can he hold back the tide forever?


Back later with the lineup. Jays-Yanks tonight, it’ll be Burnett against Pavano.