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Hot Stove Mailbag No. 6

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Nov 10, 2008 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Dave writes: Simple question – if you’re Brian Cashman how would you value 1. CC Sabathia, or 2. AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe?

Answer: If I’m Brian Cashman, I quit back in October and now I’m making huge bank giving corporate speeches and waiting for a job to open up with a team whose owner had no children. But since you asked, I would value Sabathia more. Give me one great pitcher instead two guys I can’t be sure of. Burnett is not another Carl Pavano, but he is very overrated.


Josh writes: Oftentimes in sports you hear that one player called another to wish them good luck, or to give them some sort of advice. Well, Derek Jeter called CC Sabathia as you know and I was wondering, do they have a phone book or something like that with the players numbers, or do they just ask around until they find the number they need?

Answer: Derek Jeter’s cell phone contract list must be something. Think about that for a second. As for calling CC, he probably had the number already or called some mutual friend to get it. There is no phone book of big leaguers.


Rich in Taipei writes: Instead of Mike Cameron would the Yankees have interest in Willy Taveras? They are completely different, but I don’t think Taveras will strike out as much, he is younger, better speed on the basepaths and I don’t think his .251 average is going to be his norm over his career. I think he would make the offense go in a different sort of way. My only question about him is what type of arm does he have?

Answer: Congratulations, Rich, Yours is the first e-mail ever from Taiwan that wasn’t about Chien-Ming Wang. As for Taveras, I am not crazy about him. He’s a career .331 OBP guy who hits for no power but can really run. I’d just as soon pay Brett Gardner $385,000 to do that. Cameron could be an effective one-year stopgap sort of player in center. This whole question is likely moot anyway. I’m hearing the Brewers plan to hold on to Cameron anyway.


Daniel writes: I have a question about the new stadium. I recall that a surface-level train station would be part of the construction (or perhaps nearby), and it would allow people from areas like Westchester County to come to down without having to drive. Have you heard anything about this? Or maybe it’s the creation of wishful thinking.

Answer: Yes, Daniel, they are building a train station. I don’t know the exact details, but I heard all the Metro North lines will run through the Stadium stop on game days and that the station will be on the Hudson Line. The station is only a short walk away from the Stadium. We have anybody out there who can help us on this one?


John writes: With all the talk around Mark Teixeira, wouldn’t Nick Swisher be a great option at first for the Yankees. With the White Sox not wanting him in CF, he plays first and part time in the outfield. Switch hitter coming off a bad year, but has power. He certainly walks and has a little bit of speed. He is a cheaper option there. When on the A’s seemed to be a good character guy and like a mini Giambi. He’s 28 years old or will be. He’s signed with option for 2012. Little over $5 million per year. To me, you add him at first which gives you great production.

Answer: I personally like Nick. I remember Ty Kepner and I interviewed him in Chicago last season and he seemed like a good dude. But here’s the problem: He had four at-bats in the division series and only 61 in September. The White Sox decided that they were better off without him in the lineup. He was .191/.298/.427 in the second half with 28 RBI. You want him through 2011? Swisher will pop a few homers. But his slugging is regressing and that’s not a good sign. I don’t see him as a “great” option but he could be a serviceable one. He was miscast a bit in Chicago as a leadoff hitter, which cut down his production probably. He’s an interesting player.


Teddy writes: Pete, you blogged about football a lot last season. What happened this year?

Answer: I’ll tell you what happened. Bernard Pollard crippled Tom Brady in the first quarter of the first game of the season. That’s what happened. I had Brady as the starting QB on my top fantasy team (sadly, I have three fantasy teams) and the Patriots are my favorite team. Thanks to the ever-brilliant Bill Belichick, the Pats will manage to win 10 games and make the playoffs, but they aren’t going to the Super Bowl without Brady. So what’s the point?

My only hope now is that Brett Favre throws three picks in a game the Jets must have at the end of the season then retires again. The only thing that makes me happy with the NFL is that the Giants are so good that is eases some of the pain of the Super Bowl.

I’ve taken the opportunity to watch more college football. My favorite part is when they show Joe Paterno get off the bus using a cane. Seriously, who outside of Mr. Peanut uses a cane? I also like USC linebacker Brian Cushing, a Jersey kid. He’s a beast.


Thanks for all the questions, everybody.




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