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Hot Stove Mailbag No. 7

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Nov 17, 2008 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post


It’s Monday. Time to answer a few e-mails. There have been some doozies lately …

Anthony writes: People are praising the Yankees for the Nick Swisher deal, citing that he has the potential to be a 20-30 home run hitter for the Yankees and continue to become a big on-base percentage type guy. My question is this: Why didn’t the Yankees just bring Giambi back? You got a home run hitter, a high on-base percentage guy, plus you get a higher batting average then Swisher’s .219. You also get more RBI’s out of Giambi than Swisher.

Answer: Swisher is due only $5.3 million next season, less than what Giambi will command. The Big G also will be 38 in January and was one of the worst first basemen in the game last season. Swisher may not drive in as many runs as Giambi,but there are plenty of other qualities he will bring to the table.


Pete writes: Could you explain what it would take to get Jake Peavy? I have heard a lot of reports over the last year that Towers and the Padres have liked Igawa for a while. In your opinion, could Hughes and Igawa get it done or Igawa, Kennedy, and Austin Jackson?

Answer: People need to forget about Jake Peavy. His agent, Barry Axelrod, had made it clear that Peavy will want compensation to to waive his no-trade rights. So for the Yankees to acquire him, it would take a package of their best prospects and a contract extension. This for a guy who seems determined not to pitch in the AL. I just don’t see it happening. But to answer your questions, Igawa has no value. It would take Hughes or Jackson and at least two other good prospects. That group would include Kennedy, Melancon, McAllister, Betances, players like that.


Mike writes (and this is verbatim): Do you think any trades for the Yankees will happen in the next few days do you think cc will sign with the yankees what pitchers do you think we will get we should get rid of arod he sucks

Answer: Punctuation is your friend, Mike. Learn it. I don’t see any trades in the next few days. I do think Sabathia will sign. I think the Yankees also will get A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe. And they should not get rid of A-Rod. While he is a strange dude at times, he doesn’t suck at baseball.


Dan writes: Has there been any speculation about making a play for Adam Dunn? He’s a below average fielder, and the last thing the Yankees need is another DH, but he might allow them to package Matsui into a deal for a pitcher somewhere along the line.

Answer: Not that I have heard. Dunn is a remarkably consistent offensive player. But the Yankees seem pretty determined to try and improve their defense and get more athletic and Dunn would not serve those purposes. I also don’t see Matsui having much trade value after two knee surgeries in the span of 11 months.


Mike writes: I’ve been wondering, where do the Yankees stand with Xavier Nady? Do you see him playing in pinstripes next season? I haven’t heard anything about him lately and was wondering if you knew anything.

Answer: Brian Cashman said just the other day that Nady is their starting RF next season. That was their intention when they traded for him, I believe.


Zack writes: I just have two questions. One: if you ran the Yankees who would you sign? A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe? Two: What do you think the Yankees bullpen will look like at the beginning of next year? Does Phil Coke have a chance with the signing of Marte?

Answer: That’s three questions, Zack. I would sign Lowe, who will likely get a shorter-term deal and is more reliable than Burnett. If they have Sabathia and Wang, they need a solid No. 3 starter. That’s Lowe. I think the bullpen will look pretty much like it did last season, which is to say it will be pretty good. Coke will get his chance, but signing Marte gives the organization a chance to see if he can be developed into a starter. If I ran the Yankees, I’d want to give a young left-hander with a good arm every chance to be a starter.


Bob writes: Are the Yanks 100 percent committed to Cano? I would love it if they could deal him and sign Orlando Hudson. I would take virtually anything for Cano at this point.

Answer: They are. Why else would they send Kevin Long to the Dominican Republic this week to work with him? I also disagree strongly with the idea of trading him. He had a down season, why trade him when his value is low? I’d also rather have a 26-year-old player signed to a reasonable contract than the 31-year-old Hudson, who will cost more. It’s amazing to me how people have turned on Cano. But then few Yankees fans have patience for young players.


Adalberto writes: Is there any chance the Twins could trade Carlos Gomez and wouldn’t the Yankees be in the mix for him? He’s 23, fast, a work in progress and he’s got good defense and plays first base. Kevin Long could work with him on his hitting.

Answer: Why would the Twins trade a 0-3 service time player they really like? Beyond that, Gomez has never played first base in his life as far as I know. He’s a center fielder.


Albert writes: Last year the Yankees signed a few pitchers that had big league success at one point but had sort of fallen off the face of the earth, such as Eric Milton, Sidney Ponson, and Victor Zambrano to name a few. What are the chances the yankes take a flyer on Mark Prior? Maybe a two-year deal loaded with incentives?

Answer: Prior’s long injury history suggests that he would be a risk. But I would think he’ll sign a minor-league deal with somebody if he rehabs successfully from his shoulder surgery.


Jim writes: At this time last year there was quite a bit of talk about the Yankees going back to having a long reliever/spot starter type guy. It never happened but I think it is still a good idea. They need someone to eat up innings in blowouts and give a decent start when needed. Any ideas? Maybe Aceves?

Answer: In spring training last year, Joe Girardi talked often about having a long reliever and then they broke camp without one. I think they should fill that spot and Aceves makes sense. I’d rather use an older guy in that spot instead of a younger prospect.


Finally, this is my favorite e-mail of the week …

John writes: Pete, I’m sick of you saying that the Yankees can’t sign Sabathia and Teixeira. In my mind, they need to sign CC, Tex, Manny and Brian Fuentes to be the set-up man for Mo. Or K-Rod, then he can take over for Mo. Tell Cashman. I think you’re getting paid by the team to lower expectations with the fans so you all make money.

Answer: I’ve been exposed. The Yankees have been sending me under-the-table payments for several months now. I’m blogging this from my beach-side cabana in St. Thomas while Ashanti and Eliza Dushku fetch frozen drinks. Gotta run. Remember, Paul Byrd makes perfect sense.




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