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Pinch hitting: Giambi Mustache Squad

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Feb 01, 2009 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

The pinch hitter series has proven popular for the most part, so I’m going to extend it a few days into February.

Next up are Jim and Joe from Giambi Mustache Squad.

Brothers from Saddlebrook, N.J., Jim and Joe started their blog last summer right around when The Big G started his famous ‘stache. I told Jason about their blog and he said, “That’s bleeping cool.” Only he didn’t say bleeping.

Here’s their post:


The term “True Yankee” is used by a lot of Yankee fans, usually in sentences like “A-Rod will never be a True Yankee”, “Why can’t A-Rod be a True Yankee”, or the popular “Stand up if you are a True Yankee. A-Rod, please sit down”.

A lot of people debate over what makes a True Yankee. I feel that it helps when you win almost every World Series. That turns Scott Brosius, the .230 hitting bum, into St. Brosius, the Truest of the True Yankees. Even the non-True Yankees, or False Yankees as I like to call them, fared much better during the championship years. When Hideki Irabu failed to get out of the third inning in a game, we all had a good laugh. Sometime after all those David Cone, David Wells, and Andy Pettitte wins, it got boring.

How were we supposed to witness a thrilling comeback if our pitchers kept dominating? If the ‘98 Yankees roster was a movie cast, Irabu was Chris Farley. You laugh every time he falls, and he eats a lot. Flash forward to now: We have Kei Igawa. A similar situation, yet he’s hated by all. On this movie cast, he is your Dane Cook. His appalling performance leaves no one laughing.

Not winning a championship for eight years takes its toll on the fans. Here is a quick rundown of some other recent False Yankees, and why they were never able to win over the fans:

Kevin Brown: What’s not to like? Unfriendly, throws slow, constant injuries, unreasonable price tag. One of my favorite moments at Yankees Stadium was that June 15, 2005 extra-inning affair against the Pirates. At one point in the game, I heard Jason Giambi receive the loudest boos I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard the WWF’s Sgt. Slaughter get booed in an early-90’s wrestling match when he supported Iraq in the Gulf War. So I’ve heard boos. Kevin Brown exists the game due to ANOTHER injury, and suddenly he became the new target of the fans’ anger. Giambi hits a game-winning upper deck blast, and to this day I’ve NEVER heard Big G get booed again. It was the passing of the torch; Kevin Brown was now the most-hated Yankee.

Randy Johnson: See Kevin Brown, replace “throws slow” with “throws slow unless you are watching YES, in which case he throws 99-102 consistently”

Miguel Cairo/Billy Crystal: I thought I would lump these two together, since they are very similar. Undersized, no true position, OBP at or close to 0%, only made the roster because they are close friends with Joe Torre. I know some of you liked Cairo. But I’ve sat in the bleachers through far too many games where Bob Sheppard would announce Cairo playing 1B in place of Giambi, or SS instead of Jeter. And I’ve heard the collective groans, and I’ve seen the tears in the eyes of young fans. Okay, I was the one crying, but I didn’t sit through two hours of traffic on the GWB to see the Giambino ride the pine.


Good job, boys. Coming tomorrow: Kevin from 6 pound, 8 ounce Baby Joba.




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