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Hey Yankees: If you’re going to make your customers mad, could you at least check the spelling?

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In the last few days, I have received several e-mails from partial-plan season-ticket holders who are furious with the Yankees.

Because of the demand for tickets, some people with weekend plans were offered only weekday plans or had their seats moved from behind the plate to the outfield.

Two forces are at play here: the new Stadium has fewer seats than the old Stadium and the team was surprised, shocked really, at how many people wanted full 81-game plans despite the rise in prices. This has squeezed out some partial-plan folks. It’s the law of supply-and-demand. I’m not here to defend the Yankees, but what else can they do?

Here is the letter the Yankees sent out:

Good Morning,

Do [sic] to the overwhelming demand for season tickets, all plans were distributed subject to availability. In the event that the partial plan you requested was not available, you were assigned an alternative plan (subject to availability). From here you have the option to either accept or decline, if you decline (if the plan does not meet your needs or budget) you can go into your my Yankees account (under personal preferences) and mark down that you wish to decline and/ or enter the pool process for your preferred plan,

At this point you cannot change your seats or plans unless your [sic] interested in the $350 seats. If you accept then the full payment will be due on Feb 27th which you can pay online or by calling (718) xxx-xxxx. Because of the demand for all season tickets, we stronly [sic] suggest that ticket Licensees accept their initial seat assignments. The demand for many plans will definetely [sic] exceed the available seats locations and if you decline your assignment there may not be any availability in the alternative seat location and/ or plan that you request. If you have any questions or concerns I would suggest to call (718) xxx-xxxx and we can try to assist you.


New York Yankees Ticket Operations
Yankee Stadium
161st Street & River Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451

Might we suggest the team stronly and definetely proofread these letters before sending them out?