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You can’t stop the SWB Yankees

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The Triple-A Scranton Yankees are 8-0. They beat Buffalo tonight as Shelley Duncan, John Rodriguez and Todd Linden homered.

The game was tied in the eighth inning when Buffalo put two runners on with two outs. In came Mark Melancon, who fanned Fernando Martinez and Nick Evans swinging.

This is why you look foolish and short-sighted to complain about the bullpen on April 16. The bullpen is very likely going to look much different on June 1 than it does now. And it’ll probably look even more different on Aug. 1.

Only a few fans had a clue who Joba Chamberlain was before he showed up on the scene in 2007 and started striking everybody out. Edwar Ramirez was playing in an indy league a few years ago. Brian Bruney once got released by the Diamondbacks. Phil Coke was closer to a job with UPS than the majors at this time last year.

Relievers are the most interchangeable parts of a baseball team. If Jose Veras can’t cut it, they’ll find somebody who can. Although I still cant figure out how Damaso Marte got $12 million that market. That’s a post for another day.

As for me, I am off to bed after a long day. I am not covering a game again until Monday. But the blog will roll on, so check back tomorrow. The Yankees host the Indians at 1:05.