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Regular season mailbag No. 1

It has been a while since we’ve had a mailbag. So here goes …

Dave writes: “If it was up to you, what would you do with the Yankees’ bullpen? The back end of it looks great; the rest of it is horrible.”

Answer: This is what I personally would do: Replace Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez and Jonathan Albaladejo with Mark Melancon, Dave Robertson and Alfredo Aceves.


Josh writes: “I have had Saturday season tickets for over 10 years. Spent awesome days in the sun going nuts with all the other crazy Yankee fans. This will never happen at the new place. It is not meant for that. They gave us Saturday seats located in section 420B row 14 or 15 (last row). In the last few rows the following happens:

1. You hear NOTHING. The exhaust from the air conditioning that is keeping the people cool in all the places I am not allowed into absolutely blows into that area. You almost get blown over, and you CANNOT hear anything. Not the crack of the bat, the ball hitting the mit, the PA announcer, Yankee matchup game, the great subway race, NONE OF IT. It is awful.

2. You see NOTHING. The damn frieze/facade/whatever the hell they call it hangs down right in your face.”

Answer: Josh, I contacted the Yankees for you and they offered the following answer: Get a job that allows you to afford seats that cost $2,625. All your problems will be solved.


Matt from Seattle writes: “I wonder how long it will take for the Yanks to fire Girardi and bring in Willie Randolph to manage?”

Answer: If Girardi gets the gate, it won’t be Willie. He does not have the personality to manage in New York and didn’t work well with the front office. I’d be surprised if he got the call. Meanwhile, how about we let A-Rod get back from the DL and Chien-Ming Wang back from oblivion before we call for the manager’s head?


Cory writes: “What would you rate the chances of swapping Hughes for Wang until he gets his sinker back? Hughes just pitched so it wouldn’t really mess with his rest.”

Answer: With the day off on Thursday, they can just skip Wang in Boston. There is no reason to bring Hughes up — yet.


Joe Fan writes: “My son and I are avid Yankees fans. We go to probably a dozen games a season and are perfectly fine with our bleacher seats. We also liked to try to get player autographs and balls during batting practice. This season at Yankee Stadium, they’re opening the gates three hours in advance of game time. Sounds great, or so you’d think. The problem is that security won’t let anyone down to the field level unless they have a ticket in that section. That’s not fair. At the old Stadium, they let people down to the field from third base to the foul pole and first base to the foul pole, and that worked just fine.

I understand that people in the expensive seats want that access, but most of them are not there three hours before a game, every game. How about letting everyone down until an hour before game time, and just in those base-to-pole sections? The irony is that all over the stadium there are giant photographs of players signing autographs for kids.

I just want to see a dialogue started on this topic. I’ve already seen a bunch of disappointed kids and more than a few exasperated dads trying to explain to their kids that their $125 tickets weren’t good enough.”

Answer: Joe, yours is one of several e-mails I have received on this subject. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I would not expect them to change because the Yankees will cater to the wealthy. I suggest taking your son to Scranton or Trenton. The atmosphere is much different and you could get a future star to sign your ball.


Frank Lyman from Amherst writes: “Do you think Brian Bruney’s recent dominance will quell the talk that Joba belongs in the bullpen?”

Answer: Alas, Frank, I don’t believe anything will end that debate. As long as there are columnists who can’t come up with anything better to write and bloggers who want more traffic, there will be those who insist a 23-year-old with four pitches who was drafted in the first round should pitch in the eighth inning.


Thanks to everybody for writing.



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