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Want privacy? Pay for it

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[2]How far does the class warfare extend in Yankee Stadium? All the way to the men’s room.

According to the charmingly titled Fack Youk blog [3], there are dividers between the urinals in the field level bathrooms but not in the bathrooms elsewhere in the stadium.

It’s astonishing that somebody had a meeting to decide this. But apparently they did.

Somebody needs to investigate the quality of the toilet paper. I’d bet anything the field level seats have two ply and everybody else gets recycled sandpaper.

Meanwhile, I heard an interesting theory from somebody with the Yankees on Tuesday. They claim that many of those empty seats we’re seeing are actually sold, but the ticket-holders are afraid to attend games because they work for troubled businesses and don’t want to be caught living it up on television.

That’s just great. The seats are so extravagant that wealthy people won’t attend because it’ll make them look bad. Maybe the Yankees can provide disguises to these folks. Your bank get bailed out by the feds? Here’s a Joe Girardi mask. Have a good time.

During batting practice today, there were waitresses walking around with huge silver trays of M&Ms, Twizzlers and other treats. Those in the Legends seats get that stuff for free. The girls were standing around looking for people to give the candy out to. It was like bizarro Halloween.

You know what sucks? When I was a kid, I used to implore my dad to get to the game as early as possible so I could run down the aisle to the field and try and get an autograph. I’d get jammed in there with other kids and pray that somebody, anybody, in uniform would sign.

My theory was to go to the visitor’s dugout because there were fewer kids. I got Duane Kuiper, Johnny Grubb and Buddy Bell that way one day. It was like winning the autograph lottery. I remember going back to our seats in the grandstand happy as can be.
That the Yankees won’t allow that is really a shame. Instead you have Richie Rich eating M&Ms and sending his driver over to ask for Jeter’s bat.