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Good morning … and Happy National Maritime Day! …

Posted by: Sam Borden - Posted in Misc on May 22, 2009 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

… which is a very appropriate way to lead into Memorial Day. (Also, judging by the deserted parking lot at the Metro-North station this morning, it would seem to be “National Start Your Long Weekend Early Day” today. If you’re one of those working “summer hours” or even “no hours” today, congratulations. Welcome to summer.)

The Yankees are celebrating Maritime Day by cruising through their recent schedule (all credit to editor Susie for that line), though it figures to get tougher with the World Champion Phillies in town. Now that I think about it, it actually might be more appropriate for this blog to celebrate National Unity Day (which is taking place today in Yemen, our neighbor to the [Middle] East) since this weekend will involve Yankees and Mets fans – normally sworn enemies – having to root for one another.

Strange right? Nothing would be better for a Yankee fan than if the Mets win three in a row (they’re at Fenway) while nothing would please the Met fan more than if the Yanks put up another sweep (with the Phillies in town). Just think: if it weren’t for Yemenite Unity Day, the universe would probably tilt off its axis. How do you guys feel about pulling for Wright, Reyes and Beltran, et. al? Make you a little sick to your stomach? Kind of hard to keep food down?

I’ll be back later this morning with an extended mailbag (it went beyond mini when I had to start a new Outlook folder to keep all the emails), but I did want to address one question here that I got upwards of 10 times from a variety of people:

Everyone (from Everywhere, USA) writes: If you could create one holiday, what would it be?

As it turns out, I actually have a credentialed expert to go to for this one: My wife’s boss recently had an awards day at the office and, among the awards given was one to my wife for “Most Likely to Create a New Holiday.” Seriously.

So, as soon as the emails started rolling in, I asked her what the new holiday should be. Without missing a beat (and obviously recognizing a sports theme would be nice), she said, “What about National Mulligan Day?”

I loved it. National Mulligan Day. You know how every time you step up on the first tee of a golf course, slice your opening drive into the parking lot and then just tee up another and swing again? If everyone got a do-over day like that in real life, it’d be fantastic! Guys who forgot their anniversary could go back and get flowers. Kids who didn’t do their homework could go back and copy it from a friend. Lonn Trost could go back and build a stadium that fans actually like! (I’m kidding … sort of.)

Obviously everyone would have to eat mulligatawny soup (preferably from the Soup Nazi) on this day and the really devoted celebrants would pay tribute to the mullet. Good times all around.

What do you guys think? National Mulligan Day? Could be good, right? Plus, consider this particularly relevant benefit: If the Yankees somehow don’t win their 10th in a row tonight, they can just invoke their Mulligan Day and go back to try again tomorrow.




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