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Regular Season Mailbag No. 2

Posted by: Peter Abraham - Posted in Misc on Jun 01, 2009 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Full disclosure: I’m headed over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this afternoon to take a look at the Bruce Springsteen exhibit and pay proper homage. But this mailbag should tide you over until the game post shows up at 3:30.


Bruce writes: Does it seem that too many balls get by Alex down the third base line? Does he play very wide of the base? What is Joba’s innings limit this year? Could it be they are waiting for him to get near halfway to the limit, then send him to the bullpen and restore Wang to the rotation?

Answer: Bruce, I think it’s too early to evaluate Alex defensively. It’s pretty obvious he’s still not moving as well as he would like on his surgically repaired hip. As for where he is positioned, that is up to the coaches. Joba’s innings limit has not been revealed on the record. But it’s over 150 and he’s only at 45.1 now. He’s not going to the bullpen any time soon, if ever.


MJ writes: Which player is more useless, Jose Veras or Angel Berroa?

Answer: Now there’s a no-lose query. I would say Veras is more useless because I can’t make corny jokes about how old he really is.


Larry writes: Who do you think is the next Yankee hitter and pitcher to be called up from the minors? and when will they be called up?

Answer: It all depends on need, Larry. That is hard to answer. Austin Jackson is having a great season in AAA but they would like to see him hit for more power and gain more experience. As for the pitchers, it’s all on need, be it a starter or reliever. I’m sure they would like to see Mark Melancon make a push.


Ralph writes: Everyone has their own breaking point. I’ve been accepting of all the changes at the Stadium this year. My breaking point came with every strikeout getting a P.C. Richard’s whistle over the loudspeaker and every stolen base getting a “Gotta Go to Mo’s.”

Answer: I’m with you, Ralph. The Yankees were so sanctimonious about not selling the name of the Stadium and then they went and sold everything else. What is accomplished on the field should not be commercialized.


Brian in New Hampshire writes: What do you envision for the Yankees outfield in 2010? Do you think Damon will resign? What about Swisher and Nady? If Melky continues to produce at the plate do you think he may get a corner outfield spot in favor of Austin Jackson?

Answer: Lots of questions there, Brian. I do not think they will keep Damon. Nady is a possibility but you know that Scott Boras will take him out on the market first. I would think we’re looking at Matt Holliday or Jason Bay in left, Gardner or Cabrera in center and Swisher in right, unless Nady is back. But so much can — and will — happen before the Yankees get to that bridge. Let’s worry about 2009 first.

UPDATE, 6:37 p.m.: I was remiss not to include Austin Jackson in the mix for next season. But I don’t think they can go AJax, Melky and Gardner. They need some pop.


Thanks to everybody for writing. Feel free to e-mail me any time with any comments, suggestions or questions.




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