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Commenting guidelines for this blog

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yanksblogThe comments on the last few game posts have gotten out of control. When 1,200+ comments are posted, there are bound to be a few trolls and other knuckleheads who sneak in there. That’s not a problem.

But when my regular readers start to have a hard time, that is a problem.

So please keep these simple rules in mind if you would like to post:

• Personally attacking other people is not allowed. If one of your fellow posters makes a point with which you do not agree, please refrain from calling them names. We’re talking about baseball here, calm down. For the better part of four years, this blog has been a good place for courteous, knowledgeable Yankees fans to gather. Don’t write something you would not say to somebody in person.

• Cursing is not allowed. This blog is part of a newspaper and we do not allow cursing in the paper. No abbreviated curses, no acronyms, etc. If you can’t figure out how to make your point without obscene words, buy a thesaurus.

• CAPS LOCK is not allowed.

• Rambling on for 500 words, while allowed, is not encouraged. This is the internet, we all have short attention spans. Discuss baseball, don’t lecture everybody.

• You might have a blog and that is cool. Feel free to add the URL to your site in the appropriate place so folks can click to it. But please do not place a link below your comment.

• The whole “first” thing is stupid. It’ll get deleted and you’ll be banned.

• Feel free to cite stories from other sites. Just provide a link so the other writer will be credited.

• Impersonating one of our regulars will get you banned.

• Do not post false news. One strike and you are out.

• If one of your posts gets stuck in the spam filter, give me a chance to approve it. Sending it again and again and again only makes it look more like spam.

• As always, please feel free to e-mail [2] me at any time with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Thanks for reading the blog.