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Should Aceves be the No. 5 starter?

BASEBALL/Alfredo Aceves threw innings and 37 innings against Boston on Friday. He had two days off then threw four innings and 42 pitches against Toronto yesterday.

Now he’s going to need at least three days off.

Might the Yankees be preparing him to become the No. 5 starter? Just throwing it out there. Seems a little suspicious that with an otherwise rested bullpen in a close game, Joe Girardi left Aceves out there for four innings last night.

I’d rather use Aceves in that role and let David Robertson and/or Mark Melancon pitch more meaningful innings in relief than see Mitre or any of the other scrap-heap pickups (Ortiz, Gaudin, Towers, Hirsh, etc.) start games.

The Yankees have less talent on the roster today with Mitre and Gaudin around then they did last week. That a pitcher is capable of throwing 80-100 pitches doesn’t mean he should be.

This is their best staff:

Starters: Sabathia, Burnett, Chamberlain, Pettitte, Aceves.

Closer: Rivera.

Primary set-up men: Hughes, Coke, Bruney.

Secondary set-up men: Robertson, Melancon.

Long man: Gaudin or Mitre.

Then come the playoffs, you drop Aceves back into the bullpen, dump the long man and off you go. The key to this idea is Brian Bruney being able to pitch effectively in the seventh inning.



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