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Bad blood bubbling in Baltimore

badblood2When A.J. Burnett allowed a home run by light-hitting Felix Pie in the first inning yesterday, he turned around and shouted some unkind words in the direction of the Baltimore outfielder.

The words weren’t necessarily at Pie, they were more an expression of frustration. My desire to remain gainfully employed prohibits repeating them here.

The Orioles, as you might imagine, weren’t thrilled.

“A lot of our guys thought Burnett made some gestures to Pie when he hit the home run. I don’t know why. Pie didn’t do anything,” manager Dave Trembley said.

Bench coach Dave Jauss yelled at Burnett from the dugout. Burnett later claimed he did not yell anything at Pie, which isn’t exactly true.

“I didn’t know they were yelling at me,” he said. “I might have done something different. That’s bush league.”

Then in the eighth inning, Nick Swisher struck out looking at a pitch that appeared outside. He stood at the plate with an incredulous look that prompted Orioles pitcher Matt Albers to suggest out loud that Swisher should have swung the bat.

Swisher responded with a few words you won’t hear in church. Orioles pitching coach Rick Kranitz then screamed at Swisher. Now Swisher is looking forward to his next at-bat against Albers and/or charging the mound.

This has nothing to do with CC Sabathia and Jason Berken, who start tonight. But baseball being baseball, don’t be surprised if somebody gets hit. If you’re the Orioles, what else do you have to get excited about?

Back later with the game post.

UPDATE, 3;12 p.m.: Jay from Fack Youk provided a screen shot of the angry O’s. Good blog, by the way. You should check it out.



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