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Wrapping up Game 1

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Not a lot of Jay-Z sightings at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees games.

That’s one of several differences between this and every other day of work in my life.

Here’s what stuck in my mind about this game: What if it had gone the other way? Winning one game of the Division Series is tiny in the big picture of the New York Yankees, but can you imagine losing this game? Can you imagine losing after missing the playoffs last season? After giving big money to C.C. Sabathia and sending him to the mound for the opener? After Derek Jeter — of course it was Derek Jeter — tied it with that two-run homer in the third?

A lot of people will be sleeping easier because of this game, and they should be. Sabathia looked like an ace, Alex Rodriguez had a pair of two-out RBIs and three young guys came out of the bullpen and put up zeros.

Two quick notes…

Both Sabathia and Jorge Posada said the passed balls were because of miscommunication. “The first one was my fault,” Posada said. “We were trying go inside with a guy at second base and I thought I called something and it was my fault the first time. The next one, I’m on the mound and I told him what I wanted him to throw, and when I got to the plate he threw a different pitch.”

Also, Joe Girardi said he might have left Phil Hughes in to finish the eighth, but those grinding at-bats from Orlando Cabrera and Joe Mauer had his pitch count already up to 24 with one out in the inning. “I thought it was a great chance to get Coke in and get a chance to get Chamberlain in,” Girardi said. “But Phil Hughes is our eighth-inning guy.”