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Victory Parade: Yankees at Canyon of Heroes

Posted by: Sam Borden - Posted in Misc on Nov 06, 2009 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Let’s see if we can make this just like a game post …

STATE OF THE STRIPES: Pretty darn good, I’d say. The Yankees gathered at the Stadium around 8 a.m. today before heading downtown to begin their trip up the Canyon of Heroes. It will be the 178th ticker-tape parade on Broadway and first since the New York Football Giants did it (on a much, much colder day) after winning the Super Bowl in 2008.

FUNNY GUYS: Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte went on David Letterman’s show last night – check it out here if you missed it – and World Series MVP Hideki Matsui made a cameo at the end of the segment, bringing out the World Series trophy.

GOOD COMPANY: These Yankees join an incredible list of world leaders, athletes and celebrities who have been honored with a ticker-tape parade. Check out this list of all who have come before them. It’s pretty impressive.

RANDOM QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s the best parade you ever walked in? My elementary school used to have a cool Halloween parade where all the kids got dressed up and went around a few blocks of the neighborhood Halloween morning as all the parents lined the streets and cheered for us. It wasn’t exactly the Rose Bowl, but if you were eight years old and wearing a Luke Skywalker costume, it was pretty fun.


Stay right here as I’ll have plenty of updates throughout the parade. Chad is at city hall awaiting the Yankees while Josh is out on the parade route. I’ll be right here with you guys.

UPDATE, 10:38 a.m.: Chad checks in with this picture of City Hall – they’re getting ready for the ceremony. Looks pretty good, no? photo

UPDATE, 10:58 a.m.: Looks like the first float is starting to head up the parade route. Who’s on board? Joe Girardi, of course, along with the Commissioner’s Trophy.

UPDATE, 11 a.m.: I just enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes (for the table) and it’s time to settle in. More than three million expected to line the parade route today.

UPDATE, 11:01 a.m.: Who’s got the best coverage? I’m switching through a bunch of channels and am on YES right now. They just showed Yogi Berra in a car. He looked like he was having a good time.

UPDATE, 11:03 a.m.: That’s assistant GM Jean Afterman right next to Girardi on the lead float, along with Lonn Trost and, of course, the Mayor.

UPDATE, 11:04 a.m.: Hey look – it’s John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman and Sterling’s pinstriped scarf. You know, you can’t predict baseball.

UPDATE, 11:05 a.m.: Wow, no jinx apparently – they started building the floats for the parade when the Yankees were only up 3-1 in the World Series. Big MVP chants for Hideki Matsui who has just jumped on a float.

UPDATE, 11:06 a.m.: Hinske joining Matsui on the float.

UPDATE, 11:09 a.m.: My wife, Jessica, thinks no one looks more “professional” than Matsui. Sounds about right.

UPDATE, 11:11 a.m.: Freddie Sez is on the float with his frying pan. Freddie Sez 27, apparently.

UPDATE, 11:12 a.m.: “I’m so excited to be here,” Joba Chamberlain said before getting on the float. He says he’ll do some fist pumps there. “Thank you New York, we love you so much, hope you’re out there celebrating,” Joba said.

UPDATE, 11:14 a.m.: Michael Kay in his own car. No O’Neill? No Singleton? No Flash Points?

UPDATE, 11:16 a.m.: Chad checks in to tell me that there are a series of rehearsals going on at City Hall right now. Should be an interesting show.

UPDATE, 11:18 a.m.: Hey look, it’s Jay-Z standing next to Alex Rodriguez. Now the folks on NBC are discussing “Empire State of Mind” and giving their opinions on the lyric “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.” Bruce Beck just reported that there will be a sequel to the song on Jay-Z’s album which comes out in December. Good to know.

UPDATE, 11:20 a.m.: The Steinbrenner family is on top of a double-decker red bus. Hal leading the way.

UPDATE, 11:21 a.m.: Interesting hat choice by A-Rod. He’s not on a float yet. Reggie Jackson though, is in a car along the route right now.

UPDATE, 11:22 a.m.: Brett Gardner and Sergio Mitre also on the float with Matsui and Hinske. Crowd is going nuts as A-Rod steps up on to a float.

UPDATE, 11:24 a.m.: There’s really nothing wrong with being Jay-Z, is there? Married to Beyonce, basically printing money with everything he does and he’s on a float in the Yankees parade.

UPDATE, 11:26 a.m.: Does Alex look a little bit like Kid Rock with that hat?

UPDATE, 11:27 a.m.: It’s dangerous out there, apparently – Sergio Mitre just got beaned in the head with a roll of toilet paper someone threw from the crowd. Hope it was Charmin’.

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m.: Reggie on A-Rod: “He’s very comfortable in his own skin.” Well, sure. He’s got millions of dollars, he’s dating a gorgeous blond and he’s finally a champion. I’d be comfortable, too.

UPDATE, 11:31 a.m.: Burnett is wearing the rock-and-roll band drummer-type cut-off gloves. No finger tips.

UPDATE, 11:33 a.m.: What a surprise – Phil Coke got fired up and was screaming back at fans.

UPDATE, 11:34 a.m.: For those of you surprised to see Francisco Cervelli on A-Rod’s float, it’s actually fitting – Rodriguez and Cervelli became close, and even when Cervelli was left off the World Series roster he was in uniform and would go out and warm-up with Rodriguez before each game. They took early grounders before batting practice started and Cervelli would play catch with A-Rod just minutes before first pitch each night.

UPDATE, 11:38 a.m.: Dave Robertson is on a float with A.J. Burnett. They’re buddies – Burnett invited Robertson to crash at his house once earlier this season when Robertson was going up and back from the minors to the majors.

UPDATE, 11:42 a.m.: CC Sabathia getting ready to get on his float. “This is what you come here for, to win a championship,” he said. “It just feels good to be able to celebrate it.”

UPDATE, 11:44 a.m.: Looks like each player got a digital camera from MLB – lots of guys using them to take video and pictures of the fans from the floats.

UPDATE, 11:45 a.m.: YES just did a nice retrospective on other ticker-tape parades — the one for John Glenn looked absolutely insane. This is the ninth parade for the Yankees – the first one was to honor the 1960 Yankees.

UPDATE, 11:47 a.m.: Robinson Cano said he was “a little nervous” when the last groundball came his way, but he got the ball over to Mark Teixeira. “I’m going to be in that video forever,” he said.

UPDATE, 11:50 a.m.: No surprise there – Jose Molina on Burnett’s float as well.

UPDATE, 11:53 a.m.: Someone threw a roll of toilet paper up to Burnett. He threw it back.

UPDATE, 11:54 a.m.: That’s a big float – CC and Mark Teixeira on the same float. Lot star power there. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are coming out to their floats.

UPDATE, 11:56 a.m.: Looks like Jeter has his parents on the float. Minka, too. Posada has his family with him.

UPDATE, 12:01 p.m.: Good job by Chad getting a nice shot of Freddy Sez’s sign: photo(2)

UPDATE, 12:03 p.m.: Joba is on a float that says “Land of the Free, Home of the Yanks.”

UPDATE, 12:04 p.m.: Andy Pettitte getting up on the float along with his family. Andy doesn’t mess around – he’s not using a digital camera, he’s got a full-on mini-cam strapped to his hand. This one is going into the Pettitte home movie library, apparently.

UPDATE, 12:07 p.m.: Mariano Rivera getting ready to get on the float. He’s got the family with him.

UPDATE, 12:14 p.m.: Gotta love Mariano closing out the parade on the final float. Nice symbolism by the planners.

UPDATE, 12:15 p.m.: Hey, LoHud Yankees Blog friend John Flaherty was on a float and he’s on YES now talking about how great it was to be out there with his family.

UPDATE, 12:19 p.m.: Jersey Boys performing up near City Hall.

UPDATE, 12:22 p.m.: Mariano is waving a Panamanian flag as he goes up the route. He’s got that dapper man-of-the-world look going today. Great scarf.

UPDATE, 12:26 p.m.: Pettitte just had chance at a throwing toilet paper back into the crowd. Looked like he threw a cutter.

UPDATE, 12:27 p.m.: Fox just did a crowd shot of a bunch of a fans and there was a woman jumping around with a sleeping baby on her shoulder. Gotta love Yankees fans.

UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: Interesting. One fan brought a mock Phillies coffin with him.

UPDATE, 12:37 p.m.: Looks like things are getting going up near City Hall. Supposedly the ceremony will begin around 1 p.m.

UPDATE, 12:51 p.m.: Here are some photos from Chad.


UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: Final preparations are being made at City Hall for the ceremony. Michael Kay and John Sterling were up by the microphones and it looks like we should get going shortly.

UPDATE, 1:25 p.m.: Mayor Bloomberg just introduced Sterling and Kay.

UPDATE, 1:28 p.m.: Great ovations for Yogi and Reggie.

UPDATE, 1:29 p.m.: “We are the champions” playing as the Yankees come up to the stage, led by Hal Steinbrenner.

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m.: Hughes and Bruney rocking skullies.

UPDATE, 1:31 p.m.: Apparently Melky and A-Rod shop at the same hat store.

UPDATE, 1:31 p.m.: The Captain, Derek Jeter, delivers the Commissioner’s Trophy to the stage.

UPDATE, 1:32 p.m.: Suzyn Waldman at the mike now. She’s talking about The Boss. “He turned this franchise into the best sports franchise in the world,” she said. Then she introduced Hal.

UPDATE, 1:33 p.m.: “It’s great to be back,” Hal said. “Having been nine years, you forget how magical this all is.”

UPDATE, 1:34 p.m.: Crowd is chanting, “28! 28! 28!” right now.

UPDATE, 1:36 p.m.: Joe Girardi at the mike. “The thing I love about this club is I think they took on the pulse of the city of New York,” Girardi said. “This is a club that always had a heart. … I think that’s because of the fans of New York.”

UPDATE, 1:37 p.m.: George Steinbrenner called Girardi today. “The only thing greater than this celebration is doing it two years in a row,” Girardi said The Boss told him. “He asked me to remind everyone that pitchers and catchers report in 96 days – be ready to defend it!” Girardi said.

UPDATE, 1:38 p.m.: Derek Jeter gave a short speech on behalf of the players. “We really forgot about how great it feels,” he said. “This here is for the fans, and especially for the Boss and the entire Steinbrenner family.”

UPDATE, 1:39 p.m.: Bloomberg just said he sent Jimmy Rollins “a brand new crystal ball.” Nice line, Mayor.

UPDATE, 1:40 p.m.: Time for the keys to the city. Hal leads off.

UPDATE, 1:41 p.m.: Big cheer for Cashman – “the architect of the Yankees,” Kay said.

UPDATE, 1:42 p.m.: Not sure about this background music. Kind of makes your head spin, no?

UPDATE, 1:43 p.m.: Chad checks in to say that almost all of the players said their favorite sign on the parade route was the one with Hideki Matsui carrying a baby that had the head of Pedro Martinez on it. Love it.

UPDATE, 1:44 p.m.: Nick Swisher is the first player to get his key. Dave Robertson follows him.

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m.: Posada is the first of the “core four” to get his key.

UPDATE, 1:47 p.m.: Huge cheer for Alex. “From rock bottom to the top of the world,” Kay said.

UPDATE, 1:48 p.m.: Brett Gardner was very gritty in receiving his key.

UPDATE, 1:49 p.m.: Nice to see Wang get his key. Don’t forget, he’s the “Ace in America.”

UPDATE, 1:50 p.m.: This is the most random order I’ve ever seen.

UPDATE, 1:51 p.m.: World Series MVP Hideki Matsui. Followed by hitting coach Kevin Long. Followed by CC Sabathia, who is absolutely massive.

UPDATE, 1:53 p.m.: Andrew Eugene Pettitte to the front of the stage, please. “That’s five!” he called out as he headed back to his seat.

UPDATE, 1:54 p.m.: “He’s the greatest closer in the history of baseball,” Kay said. Mariano takes his key.

UPDATE, 1:55 p.m.: Seriously, what is this music? Jessica tells me she recognizes it from the Six Flags commercial. She says it’s irritating there, too.

UPDATE, 1:56 p.m.: Burnett gets his ring. Doesn’t pie the Mayor. Good job, A.J.

UPDATE, 1:57 p.m.: Cervelli might be the only one wearing a suit. Meanwhile, I’m told the song is a remix of “We Like To Party” by the Venga Boys. OK, then.

UPDATE, 1:59 p.m.: Nice to see Jason Zillo get his ring, as well as traveling secretary Ben Tuliebitz. Two great guys who have always been great to reporters.

UPDATE, 2:01 p.m.: Kay just said that Girardi is going to get a new number next year: 28. Girardi then got his key. And finally, the Captain, Derek Jeter, goes up to receive his key as well.

UPDATE, 2:02 p.m.: Nice moment as Bloomberg calls up Hal and gives him another key for “the biggest Yankee of them all,” George Steinbrenner.

UPDATE, 2:03 p.m.: Jay-Z will finish the show doing “Empire State of Mind.” He’s not Mo, but he’ll do as a closer.

Nearly 500 comments – amazing. Hope you guys enjoyed the live blog. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.




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