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A trio of memories

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There are a ton of people who have been around baseball much, much longer than me, but working in New York has given me the opportunity to see some pretty memorable things. I started covering baseball in 2002 so I missed out on the 2001 World Series insanity, but as we head towards the new year, I couldn’t help but make a list of the few moments from this decade that I a) witnessed in person; and b) will always, always remember. What are yours?

Below are my top three (in reverse order):

3. The celebration after the last out of this year’s World Series [2]: It was the first championship for a New York team that I covered and the joy coming from everyone – players, executives, clubbies, staff, fans – was just overwhelming. I remember watching Brett Gardner rummaging through the stack of Champagne bottles until he found one, holding it up giddily like a little kid with a birthday present and then running over to soak someone. The happiness in that room was amazing.

2. Aaron Boone [3]: You know how people talk about how the old Stadium would shake? If you weren’t there that night, you’ve got no idea.

1. This [4]. It wasn’t scripted, it wasn’t expected, it wasn’t what anyone thought was going to happen.

It was still perfect.

Be safe tonight and we’ll see you in 2010.

Happy New Year.