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A few more pitches, but not many swings

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Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain just finished batting practice.

I had Hughes at 29 pitches — I would say he surely threw 30, but the writer next to me also had 29 — getting six swings. He pitched to a good group, but Curtis Granderson didn’t take a single swing, Robinson Cano hit one routine grounder and Derek Jeter had a foul ball and a sharp grounder that Juan Miranda snagged at first. Jesus Montero lifted two fly balls that hit off the cage and also bounced one up the middle, which might have been a base hit.

Joba Chamberlain threw 30 pitches and got seven swings. Brett Gardner took all 10 pitches he saw, and Jamie Hoffmann took five pitches. Nick Swisher hit three ground balls and fouled one off. Jorge Posada fouled one, hit one routine grounder and might have singled on a ground ball to the right side.

If I had to guess, I’d say Chamberlain had better command, but it was pretty hard to tell from where I was standing. I couldn’t see side-to-side at all, but Hughes seemed to be up on a few pitches. Really, they seemed pretty much the same. I wouldn’t say either was especially wild, both were right around the plate with most of their pitches.

Chamberlain did bounce one at Posada’s feet, and Posada had to dance out of the way. He made a big show out of it, running out of the cage with his hands up in the air, which was pretty funny.