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Postgame notes: “The only choice I have is to lower my shoulder”

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Anyone out there ever had a running game story written for a West Coast baseball game only to have your computer lose the entire file in the ninth inning? Trust me when I tell you it’s not a fun experience.

Then again, I have to assume it’s also no fun being run over by Mark Teixeira. Here’s his take on the third-inning collision that sent Bobby Wilson to the hospital.

“As soon as I came around third I picked up (Jorge Posada) who was telling me to slide,” Teixeira said. “It was going to be a close play. I saw he was on the plate, but I saw he didn’t have the ball yet, so I started to get down and make my slide. As soon as he turned toward me, I figured he had the ball and in that instance, the only choice that I have is to lower my shoulder and try to knock the ball loose.”

Turns out, Wilson didn’t have the ball. He’d started to turn before the ball got there and the result was viscous. Wilson has a concussion and was sent to for x-rays and a CT scan. His ankle took a beating through all of the chaos.

Both managers, though, called it a clean play, and it turns out Wilson and Teixeira were teammates with the Angels back in 2008 when Wilson was a September call-up. Teixeira had talked to him before the game and wished him luck. It was Wilson’s first major league start.

“You never wan tot hurt anybody,” Teixeira said. “You just want to knock the ball loose. I’ve run into a dozen catchers in my career. Unfortunatly, this is the first one that’s gotten hurt.”

Here’s Teixeira talking after the game.

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Yankees Angels Baseball

• Kendry Morales was already 4-for-6 in his career against Joba Chamberlain, but Joe Girardi said he dismissed those numbers because five of the at-bats came when Chamberlain was working as a starter.

• As for the home run pitch, Chamberlain said it was supposed to be a slider in, but it didn’t have its usual late break. “You can’t throw any breaking balls for a strike to him,” Chamberlain said. “It started where we wanted, it just didn’t get there.”

• Bad bunt attempt by Brett Gardner in the sixth inning. Gardner said it was a pitch up, which explains why he couldn’t get it down. He should have let it go for a ball. “He was bunting for a hit,” Girardi said. “Problem was, the pitch was up.”

• Girardi on whether Teixeira should have taken a different approach on the play at the plate: “You don’t want the runner going in gingerly because that’s how they get hurt.”

• A.J. Burnett said too many fastballs ran back over the middle of the plate tonight. “I was overthrowing,” he said. He was also disappointed in his curveball, which he graded as a D- so far this season.

• Burnett did throw a handful of changeups, including the pitch that Hideki Matsui grounded for a double play.

• Four players were hit by a pitch this game, two Yankees and two Angels.

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