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In their words: Remembering Bob Sheppard

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“I am deeply saddened by the death today of Bob Sheppard, a good friend and fine man whose voice set the gold standard for America’s sports announcers.  For over a half century, fans were thrilled to hear his unforgettable voice and players were thrilled to hear his majestic enunciation of their names.  Bob Sheppard was a great member of the Yankees family and his death leaves a lasting silence.  My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Mary, and their family.”
– George Steinbrenner

“As a player, you looked forward to him announcing your name. For me, there was nobody better. Guys around the league have come and gone, but he was there. You knew he was going to be there.”
– Jorge Posada

“You think about all the great players he’s announced. When you think of the Yankees and the old stadium, there’s no doubt you think about him and what he had done there for the organization, all the great players that he announced. It’s sad. You wish he could have been around to announce at the new stadium, at least a few games there… It’s one of those deals that when you’re with him or when you’re listening to him announce, maybe you didn’t appreciate it as much as you should have.”
– Andy Pettitte

“Amazing. I didn’t know who he was, but when I got there, it was tremendous. Hearing his voice, it’s irreplaceable. You can’t replace a voice like that. It’s outstanding. We’re going to miss that.”
– Mariano Rivera

“Old Yankee Stadium had its own feel to it, and his voice worked perfectly in that stadium.”
Nick Swisher who said he could remember Sheppard’s voice from his trips as a visiting player.

“I remember walking in from the bullpen at Yankee Stadium during my major league debut and hearing Bob announce my name. I thought it was the greatest thing. Three years out of high school, and I’m in Yankee Stadium with Bob Sheppard announcing my name. I had arrived! He was a legend who went about his job with a quiet sense of dignity, and we will never see someone of his stature again.”
– Al Leiter

“Bob Sheppard was an institution, as much a part of Yankees lore as all of the Hall of Fame players. You know you made it in the Majors when you heard Bob Sheppard announce your name at Yankee Stadium. It was always a thrill to hear his voice, regardless of whether I was with the Yankees or with another team. My thoughts go out to his family.”
– John Flaherty

“Bob Sheppard was an icon, not just in New York, but throughout all of baseball. I knew about him when I was growing up in nearby Mount Vernon (N.Y.). Later, every time I played at Yankee Stadium while with the Orioles, it was a treat to hear Mr. Sheppard announce my name. I will miss him. All of baseball will miss him.”
– Ken Singleton

“Bob Sheppard’s voice was the only voice you can think of coming out of the grandest sports cathedral in our country. His stentorian tone was the embodiment of class and represented everything that the Yankees and Yankee Stadium stood for. Yankee Stadium will never sound the same because no one will ever come close to the ‘Voice of God.’ He will be greatly missed. He was a gentleman of epic proportions, and an absolute joy to be around. My thoughts go out to his wife Mary and his family.”
– Michael Kay