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A few notes and links on a Sunday night

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In one week, the baseball world will be back in Orlando for the Winter Meetings. The Yankees got a lot done at those meetings last year, and there’s plenty to be done this time around.

Right now, nothing seems especially close, but a lot can change in seven days.

Until the Yankees close the gap in their Derek Jeter negotiations, that saga will remain an ongoing headline. It might get old, but it’s too big to ignore. One of my personal favorites, Joe Posnanski, compared the negotiations to a predictable movie. [2]

The ending here is as sure as the final scene of Richard Gere carrying off Debra Winger, or Richard Gere carrying off Julia Roberts, or Richard Gere … well, you know. Everything that happens between now and the inevitable ending is probably pointless. But it should be fun to watch anyway.

A few more links and notes from today.

• Good notebook from George King, including the nugget that the Yankees actually got $1.2 million [3] for letting Jonathan Albaladejo go to Japan.

• Buster Olney says Brian Cashman has already met with A.J. Burnett this fall, [4]primarily to let Burnett know the Yankees still trust him to get the job done in 2011.

• Also from Olney about the Jeter negotiations: If New York somehow obliged, which of course seems unlikely, what would the Yankees be paying for based on his 2010 numbers (assuming the new contract is $23 million a year)? Based on Jeter’s 2010 season, they’d be paying $128,491.62 per hit, $146,496.82 per game, $343,283.58 per RBI and $534,883.72 per XBH. For reference, Alex Rodriguez makes about $234,042.55 per hit, and Mark Teixeira makes about $133,928.57 per hit.

• Javier Vazquez is getting $7 million plus a no-trade clause [5] from the Marlins.