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Notes and links on a slow, slow day

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I think we have an early leader for the slowest baseball news day of 2011. I used the complete inactivity to finalize the schedule for the Pinch Hitter series. I started the process by picking the submitted ideas that I felt positive would be included, but I ultimately had to trim even from that group. There were a lot of overlapping ideas, so I tried to eliminate any sort of repetition. All told, I was surprised at the number of really great suggestions.

I sent out the first wave of confirmation emails tonight, and I’ll be emailing more people in the next couple of days. Thanks again to everyone who submitted an idea. I picked some guest posts that I absolutely disagree with, but that’s kind of the point of this series: A new voice and new perspective never hurts.

As for some notes and links from today…

• Terribly sad story: The little girl killed by that crazed gunman in Arizona was the granddaughter of former Yankees manager Dallas Green. [2]

• Very briefly a member of the Yankees organization, pitcher Shane Lindsay has signed a minor league deal with the White Sox. [3]Brian Bruney previously signed a minor league deal with the White Sox.

• Interesting take in the Times about the Hall of Fame candidacy of Kevin Brown, [4] who didn’t even get enough votes to stay on the ballot for a second year. The conclusion from Dan Rosenheck: “Kevin Brown isn’t an easy guy to feel sorry for. But he deserved much better than this.”

• Oops. The Matt Garza Era isn’t off to a great start for the Chicago Sun-Times. [5]

• Looking for a big time trade, the place to look might be the NBA where the Nets are apparently on the verge of a three-team trade [6]that will land them Carmello Anthony, Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups.