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Granderson’s glove keeps pace with his bat

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Curtis Granderson’s bat stole the show today, but his glove was just as impressive. Wrapped around his seventh-inning home run were three highlight-worthy catches: A diving catch in the first inning, a good-positioning catch in the sixth and running catch in the ninth.

Here’s Granderson talking about all three.

First inning
After going back with his first step, charged and made a diving catch against Will Rhymes
“After I was on my way to the airport (yesterday) someone said, how do you think you’ll feel on a dive? I go, ‘You know what, I hadn’t even thought about that because it didn’t come up in any of the games. It’s just one of those things that kind of happens.’ And sure enough, the first ball today I have to dive for. And I felt fine.”

Sixth inning
After Brandon Inge doubled with two outs, Granderson shifted for Alex Avila and made the final out of the inning
“Beforehand we were just looking at how Avila was batting against left-handed (pitchers) and he tends to go the other way with some of the best left-handed (pitchers in the game), so we were shifted that way. The fact that Inge had made it to second base caused me to move in even shallower. I just wanted to make sure I had a chance to possibly make a play at the plate if the ball was hit to me. It was kind of the situation all put me in the right position.”

Ninth inning
Playing shallow with Mariano Rivera on the mound, Granderson made a running catch at the end of the warning track in straightaway center against Inge
“Not sure at all. What Mariano likes to do, especially when he has a lead when he comes in the ball game, he doesn’t want balls to fall in in front, so Gardner, myself and Swisher we play a lot shallower than we might through the whole course of the game. Then, when the ball is hit where it is, I think the wind helped me a little bit. Just getting a chance to get a good read. It all started this spring we talked a lot about, let’s just keep pushing in. Let’s see how shallow you can play and trust that you can get to that ball. First test again today to prove that it worked out.”

Here’s Granderson speaking postgame.

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