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Off day notes and links

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[2]First, a reminder that the documentary Derek Jeter 3K [3] is about to begin on HBO. It premiers at 9 p.m. ET, and I’m sure it will keep showing regularly for a month or so. If you have HBO, I’m sure you’ve already set those DVRs.

Second, just wanted to mention that Dave Robertson’s event last night at Foley’s Pub and Restaurant was a massive success. By the time I finished writing and got into Manhattan, I was fairly certain I was late. I got there just a little before 9 p.m. — Dave was supposed to serve drinks from 7 to 9 — and there was no sign of Robertson behind the bar.

I walked to the back, and there he was at a table signing autographs for a line that still snaked all through the back of the bar. His wife, Erin, said they showed up early and found a long line already extending outside the front door, so Dave decided to start signing early, and then it was hard to stop. He raised roughly $14,000 for High Socks For Hope.

My own estimate has Robertson drawing significantly more fans than Brian Cashman did this winter. Maybe he can bring that up in arbitration this offseason.

A few links on this off day…

[4]• The buzz about Ubaldo Jimenez has died a bit in the past few days, and the rumor-of-the-hour has become Hiroki Kuroda. [5]If the price for Jimenez is too high, Kuroda might be the best alternative. But he might not come cheap either. [6]

• Speaking of Jimenez, Buster Olney says the asking price is still as high as three top-end prospects. [7]I don’t blame the Rockies for looking for that much, but I’m not sure it’s a price I’d be willing to pay.

Graham Stoneburner is healthy and ready to return to the Trenton rotation tomorrow. [8] Even in the prospect world, Stoneburner’s not quite a household name, but he’s one of the more intriguing pitchers in the system.

• Not sure there’s any reason to believe the Yankees are involved, but the Astros are reportedly moving closer to trading Hunter Pence. [9]With Carlos Beltran off the market, Pence could be the biggest bat moved this year.

• In the days after his 31st birthday, The Hardball Times took a look at CC Sabathia’s place in history. [10]

MLB.com was with the Yankees today for the HOPE Week lemonade stand. [11]