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Reggie Jackson sounds off tonight on MLB Network

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[2]Reggie Jackson is the guest on tonight’s season premier of MLB Network’s Studio 42 with Bob Costas. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Reggie interview without some level of controversy. MLB Network passed along a few quotes, including this one about Jackson’s relationship with manager Billy Martin.

“I never had an understanding of Billy Martin,” Jackson said. “I did not accept the way he managed me. I did not accept the way he managed Ken Holtzman. I thought there was anti-Semitism there… I couldn’t accept that. I couldn’t accept the racial epithets in reference to players like Elliott Maddox or Billy Sample. There are players that played for him that would tell you that [he made racist or anti-Semitic comments about those players]. So there was an uneasiness, a knowledge about the person that I was very uncomfortable with.”

Martin’s son has already publicly defended his father. [3]

In the interview, Jackson talks about his relationship with George Steinbrenner, his relationship with Thurman Munson, and his opinion of performance enhancing drugs.

“I think baseball fans recognize the players that hit their 550 or 500 home runs, or maybe 6-700 without PEDs,” Jackson said. “And I do think that the true fan separates the seven or eight that were accused or proven that they took PEDs.”

Watch the interview on MLB Network tonight at 9 p.m. ET. It was filmed in Cooperstown during the National Baseball Hall of Fame festivities.

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