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Notes from Day 2: Still nothing brewing for the Yankees

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Brian Cashman met with two more agents today — Dan Lozano and Adam Katz — and played phone tag with another (that’s how he heard about Eric Chavez wanting to play again). Basically, in Milwaukee, agents have been texting Cashman, and he’s been meeting with anyone he has time to see.

“That process is so early,” Cashman said. “It’s not necessarily, hey, we want this, can we do this today? I think it’s more everybody feeling out everybody else. I’ve had a hard time getting dollar figures from agents, to be honest.”

He’s also met with some other GMs to talk trades, but those talks haven’t gone anywhere.

“I guess it’s a seller’s market,” Cashman said. “But unfortunately I haven’t been buying much lately. At some point, I’ll get back in the game, but it’s been easy to stand down since last winter. I hate to say it. It’s not like I’m opposed to making trades, but it’s been easier not to make trades based on the asking prices so far. It’s not like I don’t want to — I’d like to do something — but I’m not going to do something at these current costs.”

This is pretty much to be expected in mid-November.

“I’ve made trade proposals that have been turned down, rather quickly,” Cashman said. “I’ve turned down trade proposals, rather quickly. It’s all part of the process.”

A few other notes from today…

• Cashman said he has no meetings scheduled beyond tomorrow in Milwaukee. There are plenty of reports that the Yankees have talked about meeting with C.J. Wilson in New York at some point, but Cashman wouldn’t comment other than to say there are no further meetings planned. He also wouldn’t say whether it was the Yankees or Wilson’s agent that requested a follow-up meeting. “I don’t feel the need to clarify anything, on my end,” Cashman said.

• With Eric Chavez on the market, Cashman stuck to his usual line about finding bench players for next season. “I know that Andruw Jones and Chavez played a role and an important role for us,” he said. “It was nice to have those choices. It all depends on how the rest of the payroll shakes out, the financial commitment I have, the remaining ability I have. Factor in their cost with what else I’m trying to address. So we’ll see.”

• Drayton McClane confirmed today that the Astros are moving [2] to the American League West. Nothing is official, but it seems pretty clear that baseball is going to have two even leagues and four wild card teams.

• Cashman is leaving Milwaukee early tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. He might try to catch an earlier flight because he has two commitments in New York tomorrow night.