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Get in depth with Granderson tonight on YES

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[2]Tonight the YES Network is premiering a new show called Yankees Access, and the debut episode centers on Curtis Granderson’s trip to Taiwan. Jack Curry was on the trip, and has footage of Granderson and Robinson Cano playing in the exhibition games, as well as plenty of off-the-field access throughout the trip.

According to a YES Network press release, at one point in tonight’s show, Granderson is seen taking a shot of snake blood (from a snake that was killed and drained right in front of him).

But this is the part I’m guessing you’ll find most interesting. From the press release:

During an on-field demonstration, Granderson shows Curry step-by-step how he and Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long changed the Granderson’s batting stance in August 2010, which led to a tremendous improvement in his offensive output. To help prove a point, Curry shows how easy it is to push over Granderson while he’s in his old stance, and how difficult it is to do so in his new stance.

Every Yankees writer basically spent the season writing about those mechanical changes, but not matter how many times we described them — and quoted both Long and Granderson talking about them — there’s nothing quite like watching Granderson describe the adjustments. Granderson is good at going into detail and explaining stuff like this, so I’m sure it will be worth watching.

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