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New Marlins disguised as the old Yankees

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The Marlins have a new ballpark, they’re suddenly calling themselves the Miami Marlins, and now they seem to be positioning themselves as if they’re the most high-powered team in the game.

The Yankees are doing the opposite.

Yesterday, the Marlins made their sales pitch to C.J. Wilson. [2]¬†They’ve already tried to woo Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle. Whether they can actually spend enough money to get all of these guys remains to be seen, but the Marlins are certainly creating the impression that they’re big spenders.

Oddly enough, the Yankees are creating the opposite impression.

During the GM Meetings, Brian Cashman downplayed the idea that he was eager to have a second face-to-face meeting with Wilson’s agent (and Wilson himself). The Yankees biggest moves so far have been to retain two of their own starting pitchers, and when Cashman has talked about the trade and free agent markets, he’s spoken of prices that are too high and a willingness to stand pat.

Question is, which do you believe more: The Marlins aggressive posturing, or the Yankees insistence that they’re in for a calm, quiet winter?