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Possibility and opportunity

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[2]Two comments from yesterday…

Brian Cashman: “The trade was certainly kind of unexpected, but an opportunity I felt was worth taking.”

Joe Girardi: “Trades are sometimes evaluated in the first week, first month, but I think this trade will take a while to evaluate.”

In this morning’s Pinch Hitter post, Bryan wrote about possibility and opportunity. When the offseason started, he focused on the possibility of next year. He saw names like Hamels and Cain and wanted the Yankees to be a position to go after those potential free agents.

Now that the offseason is reaching its final month, Bryan sees an opportunity, and he’s glad the Yankees took advantage.

I can’t tell you which free agents will actually be available next winter, but like Cashman said yesterday, an opportunity clearly presented itself and the Yankees decided to strike while the iron was hot.

I can’t tell you whether Michael Pineda will develop into a pitcher worth losing Jesus Montero, but like Girardi said yesterday, there’s absolutely no one in a position to answer that question right now.

“I like the additions that we’ve made,” Girardi said. “Obviously you want the strength of your club to be your pitching staff, in a sense, because it all starts with that. I think we’ve improved our rotation. We had a really good year last year and got a lot from our pitching staff. I think we’ve improved that.”

Maybe they could have waited until next winter and improved without losing Montero. It’s certainly possible. But an opportunity presented itself here and now, and the Yankees made their choice.

There are always possibilities. Opportunities, on the other hand, are in short supply.

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