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Getting a few decisions out of the way

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Joe Girardi rarely makes a big announcement before absolutely necessary. Even when his intentions are clear, Girardi likes to keep all of his options open without any sort of commitment. Today, though, managed to acknowledge that he’s at least leaning toward certain decisions. As always, he left nothing carved in stone, but Girardi got some of the little things out of the way.

Consider these decisions made until alerted otherwise.

Middle of the order
“Finishing last year, we moved Robbie up to the third spot, and I kind of envision that,” Girardi said. “Alex following and then maybe Tex. I’m not married to that — I’m not saying that’s what it’s going to be — but it seems that we have some guys that can be really productive and that we can move around if we think it’s going to benefit us… But I envision Robbie hitting third and going from there.”

Top of the order
Asked about Curtis Granderon batting second, then asked about Derek Jeter leading off, Girardi’s response was almost the exact same each time: “If we were going to put it out today, that’s kind of how I envision it,” Girardi said.

The eighth inning
“(Dave Robertson) was our eighth-inning guy, Sori was our seventh-inning guy (last year),” Girardi said. “It worked out really well. I don’t necessarily have any ideas of making any changes right now to it. Could you? Of course. You don’t want to say this is what’s going to be, but when I look at it, that’s kind of how I envision it.”

Backup catcher
“I anticipate it to be Cervelli,” Girardi said. “Obviously we’re going to give the other guys a goo look. Romine, I like the job he came up and did last year for us, especially under the circumstances… But Cervelli has done a very good job for us. His problem has been health.”

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