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Mid-day notes: Travel trouble and a possible lineup shakeup

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Last night, I got to my hotel a little past 2 a.m. My train was scheduled to leave six hours later, but I wanted to get a head start on the morning — and I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep quickly anyway — so I decided to write something about Alex Rodriguez’s struggles at the plate. I thought I’d probably tweak it a little bit when I got on the train, but at least I’d have something ready to go on the off day.

This is the first time I’ve opened my computer since then.

This day has been far more annoying and far less productive than expected. Amtrak service out of Baltimore was a mess because of some sort of electrical issue, so instead of writing on a train all morning and getting home at noon, I’ve spent all day fighting traffic in a rental car with Dan Barbarisi and David Waldstein.

So, much later than I expected, here are some quick notes from today.

Lineup change could be in the works

We were able to listen to Joe Girardi’s conference call in the car, and Girardi seemed much more open to the idea of dropping Rodriguez in the order. I’ll have the exact quotes later, but he talked a lot about the need to do what’s right for the team in what is now a three-game series. Girardi didn’t say a lineup change is coming, but I definitely left that call feeling as if Girardi were leaning that direction.

Game times have been announced for the rest of the division series.

Wednesday, Game 3: Scheduled for 7:37 p.m., would be pushed back to 8:37 if both the Reds and Tigers sweep tonight.

Thursday, Game 4: Scheduled for 7:37 p.m., would be pushed back to 8:37 if the Tigers have already clinched.

Friday, Game 4: Scheduled for 5:07 p.m., would be pushed back to 7:07 if it’s the only game left on the schedule.

Yankees also dealing with travel problems

I wasn’t the only one stalled by Amtrak this morning. Last night, the Yankees took a train out of Baltimore, but electrical problems forced that train to make an unexpected stop along the way. The players had to exit the train, wait for a bus and didn’t get back to New York until sometime around 6 in the morning. There was no full workout scheduled anyway, but still, getting out of Baltimore has been a pain.

And to think, playing the Orioles instead of the Rangers seemed to convenient!