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Halloween with the Yankees

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Happy Halloween! My costume is … non-existent. I’m wearing jeans and boots, so I guess I could make the case that I’m a farmer for Halloween, but I think most of my press box friends would argue that such a costume is no different from my regular, day-to-day persona.

If the Yankees were planning to spend Halloween dressed as a team that has Ervin Santana in its rotation, they missed their chance. Today the Royals traded for Santana, [2]sending a minor league reliever Brandon Sisk to Los Angeles to complete the deal. I don’t know much about Sisk. His numbers were pretty impressive this season, but I tend to think the Yankees could have easily trumped the Royals by offering a guy like Chase Whitley. Not sure the Yankees would have been legitimately interested in Santana, though, especially given that $13 million obligation.

Speaking of Halloween, here are a few costumes that might help the Yankees next season…

[3]Alex Rodriguez as a
Back from the dead. Practically unstoppable. Devouring all in his path.

Curtis Granderson as
Frankestein’s monster
Pieced together using this year’s home run total, last year’s success against lefties, 2010’s playoff numbers, 2008’s diminished strikeout total and 2007’s speed and batting average.

Derek Jeter as a
With all of his bones perfectly intact.

Mark Teixeira as
Remember when Teixeira could do it all? Hit for average, hit for power, play world-class defense and produce like a perennial MVP candidate with no health concerns — the Yankees would love to see Teixeira in that costume again.

Andy Pettitte as
Justin Timberlake
Young star in the 90s. Reinvented himself. Still wildly successful today.

Russell Martin as
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Two sides of one man: The calm and composed catcher on defense, plus the potent offensive threat at the plate.

Mariano Rivera as a
Frightening as ever, returning to haunt the American League one last time.

CC Sabathia as a
Sure he’s been cut open, but why shouldn’t that make him even better?

Ivan Nova as a
Literally, a Pirate. After a straight-up trade for Andrew McCutchen.

Robinson Cano as a
Baseball writer
Who needs a high-paying contract? An eight-year deal making the big league minimum sounds awfully good to me! If Cano would just pretend to not be a superstar for one night, the Yankees might get their dream extension with their best all-around player.

Hal Steinbrenner as
Kim Kardashian
Spending money at will. Consequences be damned.

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