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Famliar feeling in the middle of November

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[2]Seems quiet, right? Maybe a little too quiet. A little too quiet for a team that has significant holes to fill, and certainly too quiet for a team that’s being written off as unwilling or unable to make significant moves outside of re-signing some of its own players.

Surely it’s not supposed to be this quiet on November 16.

“It’s too early,” Hal Steinbrenner said on exactly this date last year. [3] “It wouldn’t surprise me if we did (make a major move). It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t. Hate to be vague, but it is mid November.”

I know the wait is excruciating, but this isn’t particularly unusual. Last offseason and this offseason began on the exact same date. Granted, this year’s schedule is a little different, but it’s a solid point of comparison.

On this date last year, the Yankees hadn’t re-signed Freddy Garcia, hadn’t signed Hiroki Kuroda, hadn’t traded for Michael Pineda, figured out their DH platoon, hadn’t settled on a contract with Russell Martin, and hadn’t heard whether Andy Pettitte would pitch again. In fact, at this time last year, the Yankees most significant moves were still two months away.

Here’s what Brian Cashman said exactly a year ago today: [4] “That process is so early. It’s not necessarily, hey, we want this, can we do this today? I think it’s more everybody feeling out everybody else. I’ve had a hard time getting dollar figures from agents, to be honest. … It’s not like I’m opposed to making trades, but it’s been easier not to make trades based on the asking prices so far. It’s not like I don’t want to — I’d like to do something — but I’m not going to do something at these current costs.”

It’s easy to imagine both Steinbrenner and Cashman saying those exact same things today. I understand that the new budget restrictions have everyone a little bit on edge, but for the moment, keep in mind that it’s pretty common for things to be quiet right now.

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