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Some things never change

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While I was looking up those year-old quotes for this morning’s post, I found this comment from Hal Steinbrenner, also from exactly one year ago today. [3]

“I think we all need Alex to be Alex again. The fans expect it. The fans want it. Alex expects it, and he knows that. Nobody’s harder on himself than him. He will show up in spring ready to play. He’ll be in shape and he’ll be doing his work. He knows he needs to do better than that.”

Some things never change.

You know the best way for the Yankees to improve their team without adding payroll? Get more out of their current players.

That means healthy seasons out of Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner, a return-to-form against left handers for Robinson Cano, some sort of bounceback for Ivan Nova, another Cy Young-type season from CC Sabathia. And that certainly means improved production from Alex Rodriguez.

A year ago there seem to be some real hope that Rodriguez could come back and deliver some version of his former self. Is anyone so optimistic this year?

And that’s a serious question. Has everyone written off Rodriguez as a lost cause, or are there still some out there who believe he can be a legitimate middle-of-the-order run producer again?

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