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What did I miss? Swisher’s one regret

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[2]At this point, I’m not sure anyone actually expects Nick Swisher to be back with the Yankees next season. He’s tough to replace but doesn’t fit their plans, so Swisher sits on the free agent market, largely inconsequential to the Yankees (except for the draft pick attached to him).

Because of that, I wasn’t expecting to see Swisher’s name as I read through clips from last week.

But there he was, in the Daily News, talking about his postseason comments [3]about the harsh crowd at Yankee Stadium.

“It was a bad time, and the end of the season was hard for all of us,” Swisher said. “If I offended anybody with what I said, I apologize. I didn’t mean it; Yankees fans are the greatest in the world. There’s no better place to play than Yankee Stadium in front of that New York fan base. … I love those fans as much today as I have since the day I got to New York,” Swisher said. “They’re the best in baseball.”

Opinions vary on whether to boo the home team, [4] but it happens, and athletes are almost always better off just letting it slide without mentioning it. But the booing bothered Swisher, he spoke up about it, and his relationship with the fans seemed forever altered.

My question is this: If somehow, someway, Swisher wound up back with the Yankees next season, would your opinion of him be different because of his postseason comments? Has your opinion about those comments changed in the past few weeks?

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