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The waiting game: Andy Pettitte edition

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In five days, I’ll fly to Nashville for the Winter Meetings. And as a general rule, you expect a team to be in position to make a move by the time the Winter Meetings start.

At that point, it’s too late to say it’s too early.

And frankly, the Yankees do seem to be gaining some clarity. A week ago they took care of priority No. 1 by re-signing Hiroki Kuroda. They already know Mariano Rivera is coming back, it’s only a matter of getting the contract finalized. There’s finally some buzz about conversations with Russell Martin, and talk of interest in a few outfield targets.

Then there’s Andy Pettitte, who yesterday told Jack Curry that even the YES Network will have to stay tuned.

“All I’d say is a decision will be made soon,” Pettitte said in a text message to Curry. [3]

A decision from Pettitte would let the Yankees truly determine how to proceed. If Pettitte’s coming back, the Yankees have a legitimate rotation in place, and they could still go bottom-feeding to add some fifth starter competition. If Pettitte’s not coming back, the Yankees have to figure out how to upgrade their rotation without hurting their ability to spend next winter. Doing that might affect the way they approach available catchers and outfielders.

With the Winter Meetings less than a week away, the Yankees offseason has a clear spotlight, and it’s pointed right at Andy Pettitte. It’s his move.

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