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Seven years later, another unlikely scenario

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One interesting coincidence about the obvious comparison being made today…

Looks like it was exactly seven years ago — to the day — that Brian Cashman suggested Bubba Crosby could be the Yankees starting center fielder in 2006.

“Center field is not easy to fill,” Cashman said on November 30, 2005. [2] “That’s why I continue to say that Bubba Crosby could very well be that guy. I know he’s sitting at home somewhere saying, ‘I hope they don’t do anything.'”

Of course, roughly a month later, the Yankees signed Johnny Damon, and within a year Crosby was out of the organization.

Question is: Given the Yankees financial limitations going forward, was there reason to believe Cashman today when he said another unproven in-house backup — Chris Stewart, Francisco Cervelli, etc. — could be a Yankees regular next season? Does Cervy stand a better chance than Bubba?